Letters to the Editor

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There is life after death

There is life after death…twice for the doctor in the story I will relate.
This is a true story. I recently found an article among my papers. Dr. Richard Eby fell two stories to his death.
I heard him speak years ago in Troy.
He was cleaning out his mother’s house in Chicago in 1972, after her funeral. He stepped out onto a landing and leaned on he railing. It gave way, and he fell to the concrete two stories below, killing him.
They put 192 stitches in his head so that he would look better for the funeral. His body was left in the hospital for 18 hours due to a problem with the morgue. Suddenly, he arose from his hospital bed – alive.
This prominent medical doctor of Jewish ancestry tells of being with Jesus in paradise while he was officially dead. He describes life in the hereafter, and explains that the commitment you make in life will decide for eternity whether you will live in heaven or hell (and then the eternal lake of fire).
He had a message for this “Lost Generation” on earth prior to the tribulation. Jesus Christ promised to return, first with a “rapture” for the ready Christians looking for his soon return. Jesus Christ stated that the evolutionists were in error in theory, as they didn’t know the power of God to instantly create life, the earth, etc.
Also, Christians are supposed to practice the morality taught in the New Testament, not immorality, if they want to spend eternity with God rather than be condemned with Satan and his followers for eternity.
Dr. Eby’s messages have been heard by millions on Christian television, TBN and Pat Robertson’s 700 Club.
Norb Korte