Letter to the Editor

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Sing national anthem loudly and proudly

I believe that our national anthem should be sung by everyone. It should not be a “performance.” Everyone should participate! We are blessed to live in this country, in spite of its weaknesses, and we should be proud to sing our national anthem out loud.
When “The Star Spangled Banner” is played, do you listen or do you participate? Years ago, when someone announced, “And now our national anthem,” everyone automatically sang together. No one told us what to do; we knew the appropriate response.
Perhaps you are uncomfortable with your voice when you sing out loud. Because of the range of notes, it is difficult to sing. But it is all right to move to a different octave if some notes are too high or too low. It really doesn’t matter how you sound. It is important that we all sing together.
The schools in our community play our national anthem every morning. The children are taught the appropriate posture and music so that they can participate. We adults should set the example.
The next time “The Star Spangled Banner” is played, please do not wait to be entertained. Sing it out loud – with pride and confidence – and it will move you and bring tears to your eyes.
When we blend our voices, we get the true sound of this country! Will you just stand by and listen? Or will you participate?
Miki Satterthwaite