Lake closure too early for booked users

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By The Staff

Vandalia has a beautiful lake, but it could be a better campground if it was better organized.
My issue is that in January 2012 we booked the Vandalia Lake Pavilion for Oct. 21, 2012. We were planning a “chili dump and wiener roast,” and were expecting in excess of 100 people from all over the state.
Recently, we were informed that we could use the pavilion, but we would have no water or bathroom facilities because the park was closing on Oct. 19 (two days before our booked event)! They said that they would open the gate for our event, but we would have to rent a “port-a-potty.”
We decided to have the event because it has been widely advertised. But what a disappointment! Some people wanted to camp. Most facilities don’t close until at least Nov. 1.
We have had this “chili dump and wiener roast” at our residence for the past 25 years, and have had 150 people here the past three years. It kind of outgrew us, so we opted for the lake.
We are so disappointed at the outcome!
Does anyone else have an opinion on this matter?
Ron and Brenda Tompkins
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Chapter U