L-U starts new photo feature

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By Rich Bauer, Managing Editor

They bring back memories of the candy section and creaky wooden floors of G.C. Murphy on Gallatin Street and the ice-cold root beer at A&W.
Because of that, it’s quite appropriate that the Facebook page started by Kathy Schultz is named “Vandalia Memories.”
And while the Facebook page does, indeed, stir many memories, it’s also a great display of Vandalia’s past for all ages.
Schultz started the Facebook page a little more than three years ago, and since then, hundreds of old Vandalia photos have been put online.
Many of those photos have been ones that Schultz has dug up, including those that have been stored at First National Bank. They include snapshots from the collections of such local residents as John Palecek, Thurlow Bannister and LaVerle Knebel.
Steve Jerden has also obtained and posted many other photos, some of which come from the beginning days of photography.
And other residents and natives have joined in on the fun, adding their own photos from days gone by.
A similar Facebook page has been started by a resident of my hometown, Pana, and I enjoy looking at the old photos, both reminiscing about my childhood days and gazing at amazement at some of the early buildings that are long gone.
Obviously, there are many Vandalia residents and natives who feel the same about Vandalia Memories, judging by the comments that each post seems to elicit.
I got to thinking the other day, there have to be a lot of people who either don’t know about Vandalia Memories, know about it but don’t visit it regularly or don’t go online.
Thus, I came up with the idea of a weekly feature through which we will publish one of the Vandalia Memories photos. Schultz agreed with my thoughts, and gave us the OK to start the feature.
We begin that feature this week.