King's Treasure is ending its 12-year daycare run

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By Panzi Blackwell

Twelve years ago, Vicky Blackerby,  decided to give up teaching school for two very good reasons – her and husband Rob’s new twin babies.  

“I had been a teacher for 20 years, and I gave up teaching when I had my twins, Chase and Chelsea,” she said.
She decided to start a daycare for children, so that she could take her babies to work with her. It was a perfect solution, and has proven to be a very wise and worthwhile decision and endeavor.
“We started out having our daycare in the Northside Christian Church with 20 children, but we were outgrowing that, so we built this building (on Progress West), continued to grow and now have 125 children.
Her father-in-law, George Blackerby, built the structure, then Rob finished up the inside. It was his idea to name the daycare “King’s Treasure.”
“Our goal was to run a Christian daycare, and to run it as long as God wanted it to go.  Now my kids are 13 and it is time to go,” she said.
Her employees at the King’s Treasure have all been with her for several years, some from the early times, and they have a great rapport with her and each other.
“We get along so well,” she said.
“We even see each other after hours, go to a movie or play bingo … just do things together. In the 12 years, we have never had a disagreement, and that has been good for the kids.
“We want them to come through the door here expecting harmony and peace, and to feel safe … and they do.”
“We have watched the daycare children grow from babies. We have put a lot of kids through daycare.”
The K.T. Door is Closing, but Windows are Opening
Vicky said now that her children are 13, there are other things she wants to do.
When Head Start (which already rents part of the building for the program) contacted her about renting the whole building, it seemed the right time and the right opportunity to move on in their lives.  
And as things and circumstances work together, she was glad to hear that two of her long-time employees are ready to start their own individual daycares.  This took care of her concerns about the children.
Amie LeDuc will open Bright Beginnings Preschool/Childcare Inc., and Rachel Stewart will open Horizons Child Care and Learning Center.
 “They (the children) will just move on to the daycares and still be with the teachers and other children that they know,” she said.
“I have enjoyed it so much and King’s Treasure has opened up new avenues for other women here to go out and start their own daycares. I have always said that my daycare is only as good as my teachers are, and my teachers are wonderful, so we have been so lucky to have the teachers we have.
“May 31 will be the last day we are open, and the girls (Stewart and LeDuc) will open their daycares on June 4,” she said. “It will be an easy transition to the daycares,” she said.
“The cases will just be transferred. Copies of any papers that we have here will be made and given to them.”
Summing Up…
“People ask me why we are closing and I guess, for me, it is just simply that it is time, and I’d like to try something different,” Vicky said.
“And Head Start is coming in. They will have two classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. They also have an early Head Start, for children up to age 5. They have teachers, facilitators here, a social worker here, and everybody will be under the same roof.
“It was just the right time for me to do something else, for everybody, and now we have two teachers branching out starting their daycares.  It all just happened at the right time.