KC adding music degree

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At its Dec. 15 meeting, the Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees approved an associate in fine arts in music degree that will allow KC students the opportunity to complete an associate’s degree that prepares them to enter into a baccalaureate program in music with junior status.
Students who enroll in the program will receive a solid foundation in music theory, music history and applied music performance skills.
The degree will prepare students for transfer to a bachelor of fine arts degree program at a senior college or university.  
 Kellie Henegar, dean of arts and sciences, said, “I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Professor Cliff Jourdan in his work to create a solid two-year program that will prepare KC students for a transfer music program.
"Jourdan has worked to align curriculum, incorporate rigorous standards and assessments to ensure that KC students are well-prepared for the next steps in their education."
Two new courses that will be introduced with the new degree will be introduction to conducting and AFA portfolio.
The intro to conducting course is designed as an introduction to basic conducting skills, with emphasis on the art and study of conducting.
Emphasis is placed on baton technique, left-hand technique, non-verbal communication, leadership, conducting terminology, transpositions and score reading.
Students will practice with choral and instrumental recordings and/or live groups.
The AFA portfolio course is the culmination of two years of musical study.
It is the final step of the associate in fine arts degree.
Students will create a portfolio using a current form of media technology.
This course will include a half-recital or project of a similar scope, as appropriate to the student’s focus and as approved by the instructor.