Kaskaskia College Vandalia Campus

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By The Staff

Yoga exercise class
Kaskaskia College Vandalia Campus and the Fayette County YMCA are joining together again to offer a highly sought after yoga exercise class.
 In Yoga, the body is treated with care and respect for it is the primary instrument in man's work and growth. Yoga exercises improve circulation, stimulate the abdominal organs and put pressure on the glandular system of the body, which can generally result to better health.
Breathing techniques were developed based on the concept that breath is the source of life. In yoga, students gain breathing control as they slowly increase their breathing.
By focusing on their breathing, they prepare their minds for the next step – meditation.
 There is a general misconception that in meditation, your mind has to go blank. It doesn't have to be so. In meditation, students bring the activities of the mind into focus resulting in a "quiet" mind. By designing physical poses and breathing techniques that develop awareness of our body, Yoga helps people focus and relieves everyday stress.
 A yoga class, taught by Linda Rebbe, will meet on Wednesday evenings. A beginning yoga class (LLI7400 VA01E) will meet from 6-7  p.m. and an intermediate yoga class (LLI 7400 VA02E) will meet from 7:05-8:05 p.m., both at the YMCA facility on Rock Island Avenue. The classes will meet 10 times, from Oct. 6 through Dec. 14.
 The cost of the class is $45 and for students age 60 and older, tuition is waived. Students are asked to take a yoga mat and a towel to each class.
To register, contact the college at 283-1780 or stop by the Vandalia Campus at 2310 W. Fillmore St.
Three classes added
As fall approaches and residents of the area are looking to stay in shape indoors, the KC Vandalia Campus is adding three classes to its schedule to help meet that need. Courses being offered are basic weight training (PHED 128), jogging (PHED 117) and fitness (PHED 236).
Basic weight training includes an introduction to weight training and other fitness equipment in which participants set personal goals toward fitness to correlate with developed programs. The registration number for this class is PHED 128 VA02D.
Jogging is an individualized program of running activities for self-motivated runners. The class is open to KC students and the public.
Each student will meet with the instructor. At that time, a schedule of training sessions will be agreed upon for the semester.
The student will train on his/her own a recommended three to five days a week, with 15-60 minutes of continuous aerobic activity per session, and will make a record of training sessions. This running log will be mandatory for each participant. The registration number for this class is PHED 117 VA02D.
Another class offered for students who are enrolled in six credit hours or more is a fitness class that offers full membership to the Family YMCA of Fayette County for the length of the class.
This class will start in October and end in December. The students will receive a half credit for this participatory class, and it will count toward an associate degree. The registration number is PHED 236 VA02D
All of these classes will take place at the Family YMCA in Vandalia on Rock Island Avenue, across the street from the Vandalia Campus. Contact Mary Schulze at 618-283-1780 or stop by the KC Vandalia Campus at 2310 W. Fillmore St. to register.