Heat continues, though some areas receive rain

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Rainfall was sporadic throughout the state. Some counties reported continuing dry conditions, while others experienced flooding. Damage to crops and livestock due to flooding was reported.
Precipitation across the state averaged 1.52 inches, 0.68 inches above normal, though most areas are still experiencing dry conditions.
Statewide temperatures averaged 81 degrees, 6.3 degrees above normal. Many producers are concerned about the hot and dry weather’s effect on crop condition during pollination. The dry conditions in some areas did advance summer activities, such as hay baling and pesticide application.
Corn silked increased to 97 percent, up 11 points from last week and 6 points above the five-year average. Corn in the dough stage is at 38 percent, up 23 points from last week and near the five-year average of 39 percent.
The corn condition was rated 13 percent excellent, 40 percent good, 34 percent fair, with 13 percent poor or very poor.
Soybeans blooming reached 87 percent, above the five-year average of 79 percent while soybeans setting pods reached 45 percent, up from 15 percent last week and above the five-year average of 41 percent.
Soybean condition was 12 percent excellent, 46 good, 33 percent fair, with 9 percent rated poor or very poor.
Topsoil moisture across the state was 12 percent very short, 35 percent short, 48 percent adequate and 5 percent surplus.