Golden Years receives check, flag from Woodmen of the World

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By The Staff

Twenty-one members of the Golden Years Club were present for the potluck meeting on Tuesday, April 10, and welcomed 13 guests.

Rose Garner,information and assistance specialist for SWAN Senior Services was on hand to give assistance to 11 people with the Circuit Breaker.
At noon, the club president, Charles Reece welcomed all present. Guest Morgan Pryor introduced Ed Stroh, area manager of Woodmen of the World, and Kari Calame, field representative.
He also introduced a Woodmen of the World family: Matt and Rhonda Howard, Brady, Madison and Maisie Howard. Phyllis Pryor was also a member of the group.
Other guests included the Rev. Jim Dann, the Rev. Don Thomas and Dorothy Emerson.
Don Smail recognized the April birthdays of Lucille Fisher (99) and Berniece Bosomworth, and the anniversaries of John and Carolyn Grames, Don and Sharon Smail, the Rev. Don and Marlys Thomas, and Bill and Panzi Blackwell.
Dann asked the blessing for the noon meal. Comments were heard expressing enjoyment of Ina Abendroth’s banana cake (Lucille Fisher said it was really good for breakfast); Flo Allen’s orange meringue pie; Preacher Don’s custard pie and Donnie Smail’s chicken and noodles.
Ina announced she had potatoes and corn up. (A promise was made to bring fresh-from-the-garden onions, radishes and a possible rhubarb upside down cake to next meeting by an early gardener.)
Following Donnie’s cleanup crew’s completion of kitchen duty, Reece called the meeting to order, and the treasurer Smail gave the club’s financial report. Preacher Don gave several humorous readings.
Woodmen of the World Makes Presentations
Continuing with the Golden Years meeting, Caleme gave a brief talk explaining the Woodmen of the World’s various programs and projects that benefits the community and country.
Included in her talk was information on the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society program, which provides American, state and religious flags to local lodges for presentation to non-profit civic and youth groups, schools, churches, community centers and other worthy, non-profit groups. Calame and Stroh then presented an American flag for Griffith Cemetery to Smail and Joe Kelly, representatives of the cemetery board.
Stroh and Calame then presented a sizeable donation to the officers of the Golden Years Club: Reece, Smail, Lucille Fisher, Grames, Abendroth, Kelly and Thomas.
Entertainment was provided by…
Tony Bennett? Frank Sinatra? Perry Como? No, it was Brownstown’s own Morgan Pryor, who claimed to be working with the famous stage and screen singing star, Julie Andrews. Pryor sang a parody (of old age ailments) of the Andrews’ song from the movie, “The Sound of Music” .
If Morgan’s rendition was not quite on par with Andrew’s rendition, it certainly was entertaining and much funnier. The meeting was filled with laughter, appreciation, good food and good fellowship. The next potluck/ meeting is next Tuesday at noon.