Golden Years members perform school days skit at meeting

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By Panzi Blackwell

The old-fashioned “school days” were revisited Tuesday, Oct. 23, as a troupe of actors, known as the “Golden Years Gang,” presented a skit, “The Cracker Barrel School.”


Approximately 20 people roared with laughter as the “students” (Carolyn Grames, Donnie Smail, Flo Allen, Phyllis Pryor and Morgan Pryor), laughing and jostling one another, skipped into the room as “teacher” Shirley Klitzing rang the school bell.
Although the teacher seemed rather formidable, ringing her bell loudly and wielding a very large flyswatter threateningly, chaos erupted periodically, as she sought to teach the following assorted students:
Donnie and  “Morgie” as identical twins, wore black bobbed hairstyles and knee pants and were very mischievous, disruptive lively and noisy.
Carolyn appeared (and tried) to be a sweet little girl, with long, blond, pigtails (which Donnie yanked on and dipped in the inkwell).
Flo was a typical, no-nonsense, leader-of-the-pack type, not real quick to answer the teacher’s questions, but quick to holler ‘teacher’s pet” at Phyllis and to laugh at the antics of others.
Phyllis announced that her daddy is the Cracker Barrel Bank’s vice president and took an apple to the teacher (at which the other kids hooted and hollered, “teacher’s pet.”
Other incidents included “Morgie” frightening Flo with a frog (which came to school in his lunch sack) and Phyllis’ repeated efforts to butter up the teacher (which led to the kids chanting a rather indelicate little song about Phyllis’ bloomers), and Morgie’s unsolicited recitations.
There were a lot of laughs as the kids not only acted out the script, but also shamelessly and spontaneously strayed from the script, in spite of the poor teacher’s efforts to control the classroom.
The kids then, led by Morgan, all stood together and led a sing-along with the audience, singing “School Days.” Teacher then dismissed the class, with obvious relief.
It was difficult to tell who had the most fun – the audience or the Golden Years Gang,