God opens door for LeDuc to start day care center

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Fayette Faces

By Panzi Blackwell

Fayette Faces is focusing on the day care/child care centers in the area, and this week’s visit was made to the recently established Bright Beginnings managed by Amie LeDuc.

Amie was employed at Vicky Blackerby’s King’s Treasure Child Care for two years until Blackerby closed the facility.
Blackerby approached LeDuc when she announced the closing of King’s Treasure, and suggested that she open a daycare center to replace her day care.
Having employed Amie for two years and observing the rapport, understanding and manner in which she coped with the children, and taking advantage of the fringe benefit of enjoying the kids, Blackerby evidently felt Amie was well-qualified to manage a daycare of her own.
Aime felt that this was a door being opened for her life and stepped into the opportunity.
Meet Amie LeDuc
Amie has a pleasant, friendly personality with a frequent big smile. She is very personable and sincere in her conversation … and also very humble and modest.
She has always liked working with kids and has worked in day care centers since she was 18.
“Vicky (Blackerby) announced to us (staff members) that King’s Treasure was closing, and the next day she pulled me aside and asked me what my plans were,” LeDuc said.
Blackerby told Amie that she needed to open a center in place of hers.
“At first, I thought it was a crazy idea, but as the day went on, I started to feel like that’s what I was supposed to do.
“I called my dad on lunch break. He said that was God opening a door for me, and I completely agreed,” Amie said.
“I feel like this is what God planned for me to do. I talked to the other staff at King’s Treasure, and Debbie and Ashley said they would work for me if I opened a center,” she said.  
The Door Was Opening
"When it was set in stone that I was opening, Vicky started telling the parents,” she said. “The parents were all supportive and have been ever since.”
She said that her family spent two full weekends helping her paint and get the rooms ready to move into.     
The Door Opened All the Way...
…on June 4 of this year, “and everything has been going great,” she said.
She humbly added, “I don’t deserve the credit for Bright Beginnings opening. My name is behind it, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of God, my family, friends, staff and daycare families.
“God opened the door for me and has had His hand in it every day since. My family has donated time to help me get everything started. They have supported me more than I could ever imagine, and I thank them for that.”
 “My friends have been so supportive of me and they helped me set up the playground … and I couldn’t ask for a better staff,” she said.
“They go above and beyond, every day.  There is no decision I make for the business without asking them for their opinions first. No one’s voice is more powerful than another’s, and we all work together great,” Amie said.
The staff members are Debbie Richardson, Ashley Blunt, Marilyn Cole, Aron Pally and Jaclyn Thiele.
The day care families have supported Amie since she announced she was opening.
“I have to thank them for believing in us. We wouldn’t be open without them,” she said.  “I did all the paperwork to get the day care started, but it’s not the paperwork that makes a daycare successful.
“To have a successful daycare, the whole day care community (teachers, parents and children), have to be able to work together,” Amie said.
The sign on the door states, “Bright Beginnings,” where bright futures begin, and the hallway leading to their rooms is lined with cheery, colorful works of art by the children. Thirty-one children are enrolled and most of them came from King’s Treasure.
Amie said that the children all play well together and are close.
“Right now, we take ages 2-12. We have talked about taking infants, and in the next few years, we might. We will just wait and see what God’s plans for us are,” Amie said.