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By The Staff

Attends Concert
Belinda Harpster and Sue Urban of St. Peter and Andria Cavaletto of Walnut Hill attended the American Idol Concert in St. Louis on Wednesday of last week.
Home from Hospital
Dane Harpster of St. Peter was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Effingham by ambulance on Friday morning of last week. He returned home on Saturday afternoon. He was treated for heat exhaustion and severe dehydration.
Mitch Harpster visited him on Friday at the hospital. Since returning home, he has had the following visitors: David Schaal, Rollie Henson, and Larry and Sue Urban.
Brian Wodtka of St. Peter and Rhiannon Brasel of Kinmundy were married on Saturday, July 14, at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.
St. Peter Church
Sunday morning worship attendance was 188. The organist was the Rev. Alan Holtz. Elders were Sherman Hunt and Charles Wachholz. Acolyte was Kacie Crain.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Dixie Harnetiaux
-Dane Harpster
-Erwin Hollmann
-Vernon Meyer
-Martha O’Dell
• Our shut-ins:
-Filbert Maske
-Orville and Malinda Hinton
-Wayne Bergmann
-Eugene Kruenegel
-Erma Miller
-Ida Wodtke
-Harry Busse
-Calvin Runge
-Leona Gehle
-Earl Storck
-Adela Rubin
-Rachel Hartmann
-Clarence Wodtka
-Erwin Hollmann
-Doris Mercier
• Melinda Magnus
• Cameron Brandt
• James Taylor
• Shannon Martin
• Darrell Wollin
• Cassy Chapman
• Michael and Nancy Kistler
• Mark and Marcia Wollin