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By The Staff

Thief In the Night
(Or Daylight?)
Some low-down varmint has been getting in the girls’ (Anita and Blackie Chicken) pen and stealing their eggs. (We say “low-down,” because it has to go through the wire surrounding fence and gate to get to them.)
Mr. O. (“O” for ornery) Possum is the most likely candidate, but they are usually known to be nocturnal critters, we thought. However, I remember during a lot of ice and snow one winter, a very big, fat possum came up to our ground-level bird feeder to eat scraps in broad daylight.
Anyway, the girls are still laying nice, big eggs, but we have to beat the chicken egg thief to them.
The girls never seem upset or agitated, which seems strange, because I have heard that possums will also kill chickens. Maybe he has figured out that if he lets the chickens alone, he will have countless, regular meals, but kill the chicken, and he will just have one big meal. Kind of like killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
We do feel that Mr. O. Possum has to go; we just don’t know how too accomplish this in a nice way. Bill said he knows how, but I suspect that I wouldn’t approve of his method.
This ‘n That
Shirley’s Book No. 3…
…entitled, “I’m Still Trucking Right On Down The Road,” is very entertaining, taking your emotions from very reverent and spiritual thoughts, to reminiscing about “the way it used to be,” along with her, to stirring up memories of people we also knew, to very funny (and some rather daring) stories and really funny jokes interspersed here and there.
All are from Shirley’s sincere heart, showing her deep spiritual beliefs and feelings, her love for her family, a good bit of her fun-loving sense of humor, and even, perhaps, a little bit of mischief.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Judy Palacek, Megan Willms, Kaitlyn Enlow, Cathy Hayes, Deanna Hovious and Phyllis Pryor. Anniversaries: Jeremy and Shannon Claycomb, Bob and Faye Schwarm, and Don and Ellen Willms.
Coming & Going
Phyllis Lunches With Friends
Following the Fayette County HCE Board meeting Monday, Phyllis Pryor ate lunch at Long John Silver’s with fellow members and friends Irene Reed, Anita Smith and Anna Jean Rhodes, who furnished all the coupons for the meal.
Brownstown UMW Meet
Eight members of the Brownstown United Methodist Women met Aug. 18 at 2 p.m. in the fellowship hall of the United Methodist Church.
Carol Severns, unit president, called the meeting to order and gave the following reports and updates on the District:
•Sept. 13-The fall meeting will be held in Casey. Anyone wanting to go should have their reservations in by Sept. 7. Items to be donated for Cunningham Children’s Home and Lessie Bates should be at the church as well.
•Sept. 15-Next local meeting, which will be the annual salad supper at the Brownstown UMC. Lyndsey Lash will be the speaker for the evening. Vandalia UMW members are invited as guests.
•Sept. 18 has been designated as UMW Sunday, in the United Methodist Churches. Brownstown Church will have a UMW-funded missionary speaker to mark the occasion.
New business:
•Connie Green made a motion to help the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center by donating items they are in need of right now. The motion was seconded by BillyAnna Forbis and all were in agreement. A list of need items will be posted in the church bulletin and in the church. Connie Green or Carol Severns may also be contacted for the list.
•The nominating committee, Zandra Sidwell and Geraldine Goldsboro, reported the following as recruits for Brownstown UMW officers for 2912: president-Carol Severns; vice president-Carol Henna; secretary (not named); treasurer-Connie Green; spiritual growth-Vernus Lytle; membership-Phyllis Bruno; program resources-BillyAnna Forbis; nurture and outreach-Flo Allen; and nominating committee-Marilyn Yakel, Carol Henna. The membership voted to accept the recruits as listed.
•The donation pledge for 2012 was discussed. Marilyn Yakel reported the amount for 2012 need not be changed from the 2011 amount, due to new regulation.
BillyAnna Forbis made a motion the pledge be raised by $5 for 2012. The motion was seconded by Betty Williams and all voted to accept.
The meeting was adjourned by the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in unison. Refreshments of watermelon, cookies, tea and coffee were served by Marilyn Yakel.
Present were Carol Severns, Marilyn Yakel, BillyAnna Forbis, Connie Green, Flo Allen, Betty Williams and Marge Weiss.
Fayette County HCE
Board Meets
Nine members of the Fayette County Home and Community Education met Monday, Aug. 22 at the Vandalia Extension Office.
President Flo Allen opened the meeting at 10 a.m. and led the pledge to the American flag. Answering the roll call by secretary, Mary Smith of Wright’s Corner were: Irene Reed of Wright’s Corner; Anita Smith of Vandalia Day; Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter; Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo; and Shirley Klitzing, Flo Allen, Phyllis Pryor and  Panzi Blackwell from the Sefton Unit.
Rachelle Hollingshead, County Extension director, was also present for a brief time. Allen displayed the table centerpiece that the club is to contribute to the HCE Workshop to be held in Mt. Vernon Tuesday.
Following this year’s HCE circus theme, she assembled a colorful arrangement of circus items in an large popcorn container and filled two smaller popcorn containers with circus candy peanuts, regular peanuts, lemonade and a fat ballpoint pen, topped off with a circus clown.
These centerpieces, donated by each Illinois HCE Unit, will be given as door prizes.
Allen called for the reports from the board members.
•Following the roll call, Smith read the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved.
•Dorothy Harpster, treasurer, gave the financial report, which stood approved.
•Vice President Phyllis Pryor reported that she had delivered some items to Debbie Boley, the office secretary.
•Anna Jean Rhodes, co-second vice president, noted that Sefton Unit had gained a new member, bringing the Fayette County enrollment to a total number of 120 members in the Fayette County HCE.
Anita Smith, community outreach rirector, reported distributing teddy bear patterns to her unit and believed several were going to make some for the Fayette County Hospital emergency room for children.
Cultural enrichment director Shirley Klitzing reported some thought was being given to have a briefer entertainment segment for the next “Get Acquainted Day,” as the auction and other activities of the day were time consuming.
She also verified that Joyce Mueller of Vandalia Day will speak on Scotland at the Oct. 27 International Dinner. Mueller, whose family is descended from Bruce of Scotland, has visited the country.
•Irene Reed, family issues director, discussed the soda can tabs for McDonald’s and the Box Tops For Education.  
•Allen discussed the HCE workshop that was to be held At Mt. Vernon on Aug. 23. As one member had to cancel her reservation, an effort is being made to replace her for the workshop.
•Allen also reminded the board that the October luncheon for past and present officers needs to have a date and place settled next month. Also, thought needs to be given to the possibility of having another gift card raffle this year.
Comments were made that it deemed much simpler to have the gift card raffle and, also, more people were interested in winning a monetary gift.
•Irene Reed inquired about the club’s status on sending Christmas cards to the military this year. Anita Smith reported she had sent e-mail and posted letters inquiries, as well as calling, with no return responses.
She believes the information needed will probably be sent to her in October. It was suggested that the cards could be prepared ahead, with messages of encouragement included.
After around-the-table conversations and comments, Allen adjourned the meeting at 11 a.m.
Following the meeting, Allen, Dorothy Harpster and Shirley Klitzing remained to do the audit.
Liberty Christian Church (Aug. 14)
The congregation of the Liberty Christian Church was greeted by John and Jacy Schaub and welcomed by Jim Dann.
It was a morning of praises as Christina Steber was baptized by Jim Dann, and Emmet and Annie Chandler were baptized by Clay Chandler.
Worship leaders Stef Anderson, Kaylee Sefton and Teresa Mayes led the congregation in songs of praise, accompanied by Eddie Carson-guitar, Brady Wright-drums, Kim Miller-piano and Tammy Carson-keyboard. Kyle Anderson shared the praises and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Jim Dann delivered the message.
Eddie Carson and Brady Wright contributed the Communion song, “How Deep The Father’s Love for Us.” The Communion devotion and prayer were led by Paul Parkison. The offering prayer was led by Aaron Miller.
Also serving: serving at the table: Paul Parkison, John Willms; serving the congregation: Frank Stringfield, Bob Buzzard, Craig Daugherty, Ken Lamb, Aaron Miller, Brad Smith; assistants: Cory Willms, John Schaub; ushers: Mark Schaub, Brian Smith; sound system: Tom Mayes; PowerPoint: Kyle Anderson; nursery: Sara Stonecipher, Kenley Durbin; Communion preparation: Leah Washburn; and Communion rounds: Vernon Brazle, Judy Brazle.
•Aug. 28 at the Altamont Christian Church at 5 p.m. – “The Blue Suede Crew,” show with the music of Elvis and Johnny Cash.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church (Aug. 14)
Pianist Bette Stolte began the morning worship service at the United Methodist Church, sharing the words to the hymn, “No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus.”
Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candle and Carol Severns was liturgist. Hubert Williams and Schwarm presented the tithes and offerings.
Lay speaker Jim Green delivered the massage at Emmanuel and Brownstown churches. He closed with the benediction.
The children’s worship and fellowship was led by Jenna Townsend. The adult class was led by Vernus Lytle.
•Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. – Wolf Creek Cluster Picnic will be held at the Brownstown Park.
First Christian Church
(Aug. 14)
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Jack and Bonnie Shelton and led in songs of praise by Jack Shelton, Deanna Hovious and Joann Strobel.
The call to worship was given by a ladies trio, Susan Smith,  Joann Strobel and Cathy Smith. Musicians were: pianist-Robin Lovett, guitarists-Rick Cox, James Shaible, and Walt Kinney, drummer-Tucker Willms and saxophone-Matt Shelton. Jack Shelton led the opening prayer.
Special music was contributed by Charlie Watson, followed by the message, delivered by  John Robinson.
Steve Storm led the Communion meditation. Duane Willms led the gifts and offering prayer. Also serving: Sunday school nursery: Liz Oberlink; a.m. nursery: Deb Hunter; toddler worship: Barb Tackett, Abby Enlow; Quest-4-Christ: Barb Tackett and team; Communion to shut-ins: Duane Willms. Steve Storm; Communion preparation and cleanup: Tena Gould, Cathy Haynes; serving congregation with Communion and offerings: Travis Gould, Brent Keyes, Bill Smith, Delbert Miller, Steve Storm; usher: Melvin Willms; librarian: Shelly Rook; PowerPoint: Penny Cox; sound technician: Matthew Smith; and closing prayer: John Robinson.
•All-Church Service Project, Saturday, Aug. 27, at 9 a.m. The Ladies Fellowship will sponsor this service project at the St. Elmo Laundromat, where they will be giving away coins for washing and drying, and offering refreshments.
All are welcome to help and any donations would be appreciated. Contact Tena Gould for more information.