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By The Staff

Power Outage/Storm
Tuesday of last week was the beginning of a three-day ordeal that tested the patience of all of the area residents.

By Wednesday morning, the streets of St. Peter were like that of a ghost town.
The power had gone out at about 3 a.m. in town, and around 4 a.m. for country dwellers.
Neighbors were getting together and helping each other keep warm, and cooking for the ones who didn’t have gas stoves.
A few fortunate people didn’t lose their power, and they were kind enough to invite others into their home for food and warmth.
By Thursday night, things were almost back to normal.
I feel fortunate that I live in a small community where others were willing to pull together in a crisis.
St. Peter Church
Sunday morning worship attendance was 166.
Organist was Jamie Lotz. Acolyte was Tresston Bahde.
Elders were Allen Magnus and Sherman Hunt.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Anna Fickes
-Reggie Grandt
-Trudy Huffman
-Charlie Pryor Sr.
-Clifford Ray
• Those serving our country
• Our shut-ins
• Rodney Heinzmann
• Robert Runge
• Kendall Opfer
• Collin Miller
• Loretta Baiter
• Debra Smith
• Mark Boye
• Nathan Lotz
• Floyd Oertwig
• Kinlee Thompson
• Coleman Mulvaney
• Julie Roberts
• Charles Wachholz
• Curtis and Kelli Connours