Field of Dreams Committee organizational meeting

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A number of interested parents have organized into a "Field of Dreams Committee" in the hopes of revitalizing the Vandalia baseball fields.

"Anyone who has ever played on them knows that they are in bad shape," Kenny Montgomery an interested parent, former baseball coach and member of the committee said. "We want to make sure that the fields are a decent place for our kids to play."

"These fields have been neglected to the point that other area communities have better fields then we do here," Donald Murrell Said. His son Ian Murrell has played on a number of traveling teams over the years. "Some of the smaller communities have fields that teams can play on in a few hours after a rain storm. We have to wait for several days after it rains for the field to be ready to play.

"The Vandalia Parks and Recreational Committee has given the go ahead for us to complete the project." Murrell said. "We hope to collect funds from members of the community to complete several different phases of the improvements. Mayor Ricky Gottman has indicated his support for the cause."

The first phase will be to improve the infields of the upper and lower baseball fields in the park behind the high school. Later the goal is to complete the renovations of the upper field by replacing the backstop, dugouts and moving some of the fences.

"As we progress the goal is to include all of the t-ball fields in the city so that the little kids can play ball on good fields as well," Murrell said.

The initial investment will require about $35,000 to complete.

"This will purchase a new infield and sprinkler system which will allow for better drainage of the infield making it dry faster so that we can play quicker, "Murrell said.

The Field of Dream Committee will be holding an organizational meeting at the First Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, July 28 at 7:30 p.m. Anyone interested in participating in the meeting should attend.