FBC seniors honored at breakfast

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By Panzi Blackwell

By Panzi Blackwell
The “seniors” of First Baptist Church in Vandalia were honored Sunday morning with breakfast, special decorations  and live music.

On entering the room, the guests were greeted with a colorful bouquet made of marshmallows dipped in chocolate, bright candy sprinkles, nestled in a mini-cupcake paper, and placed on a stick.
A basket of the “bouquets” were on a table, which was decorated with the theme: "turtle on a fence post” and old fashioned figures. Each dining table also held a turtle on a fencepost, conveying the message that everyone needs help sometime.
Musicians Mike Eulberg, Rick Stanbery and Fred Willms, played guitars as Bobbye Eulberg sang.  Each member of the group also sang solos, providing music during the breakfast.
Stanbery sang a song he had written following the loss of his mother.
A gift bag was given to each senior present.
Elaine Culbertson provided the decorations and arranged for  the entertainment.
Ladies from the church provided and served the breakfast.