ExxonMobil Annuitants

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The ExxonMobil Annuitants Club met on Sept. 26 at Ponderosa Steakhouse in Vandalia, with 25 members and five guests present.
President Dean Black welcomed all members and guests, followed by the pledge to the flag. A moment of silence was given for member Ruth Jesgarz.
Brock Fisher gave the blessing prior to the lunch buffet.
After the meal, Vice President Mike Mulhern called the meeting to order. The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved. Birthdays and anniversaries for September were also read.
Mulhern thanked LaVerne and Don Laux for their fish fry held last month.
Exxon grants were discussed. Mulhern announced he had misunderstood the ExxonMobil “team grant” qualifications. He briefly explained and noted that he has applications for both the individual and team grants.
After announcements, Mulhern demonstrated some antique tools that had belonged to his wife Laura’s grandfather. Members were asked to choose a tool and guess its name and use.
Elloise Black read a thank you card from the Habitat for Humanity for the $500 ExxonMobil grant it received as a result of her and husband Dean’s volunteer efforts. They noted that the money was used to buy lumber for a home.
Dean Black announced that next month’s meeting would be held in Litchfield at Chinatown Restaurant and that the meal will  be paid for by the club.
Members present were: Roger Bergman, Dean and Elloise Black, D.R. and Pat Caldwell, Dallas and Jo Fairley, Brock and Madelon  Fisher, Marty Gorman, Carolyn Johnson, Bill and Lois Jones, Karl and  Dianne Kozak, LaVerne Laux, Cy and Lorene Locke, Vera Miller, Mike and Laura Mulhern, Jim Sprayberry, Junior and Betty Williams, and Helen Wright. Guests present were Millie Brooks, guest of Carolyn Johnson, Kenneth and Angela Fisher, Kenny Harrison and Betty Philpot, all guests of Brock and Madelon Fisher.