ExxonMobil Annuitants

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The ExxonMobil Annuitants Club met on April 25 at Chinatown Restaurant in Litchfield, with 27 members and three guests present.
Guests attending were Millie Brooks and Jane Hammond, guests of Carolyn Johnson, and Elmer Ganzer, guest of Doris Thomas.
Vice President Mike Mulhern welcomed members and guests, followed by the pledge to the flag.  Laverne Laux gave the blessing before the lunch buffet.
Mulhern opened the meeting by introducing the guests and new members Bev Klaus, Dick and Barb Lounsbury, and Ron Schoen.
The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved. Birthdays and anniversaries for April were read.
Mulhern reported that there were two new biography sheets for the member books for anyone who had already purchased them. He told members that the books are $10 each. Five books were sold at this meeting.
He also gave out three more of the ExxonMobil-125 Years of History books. They are free and about 15 are left.
Laura Mulhern read the answers to a word search puzzle she created, with 28 fill-in answers. All of the answers were names of members or regular guests of the club.
Laverne Laux read an article she had found full of wit and wisdom.
The May meeting will be held on May 30 at Ponderosa Steakhouse in Vandalia, with the club paying for the meals.
Members present were Marty Gorman, Frank and Carolyn Heigert, Carolyn Johnson, Bev Klaus, Jerome Koerkenmeier, Karl and Diane Kozak, Don and Laverne Laux, Dick and Barb Lounsbury, Paul and Nancy Mihalek, Dick and Barb Mottershaw, Mike and Laura Mulhern, Tom and Nancy Neunaber, Henry and Raynette Sanchez, Ron Schoen, Butch and Martha Shelton, Jim Sprayberry and Doris Thomas.