ExxonMobil Annuitants

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By The Staff

The ExxonMobil Annuitants Club met on Jan. 24 at Ponderosa Steakhouse in Vandalia, with 20 members and four guests present.
Guests attending were Kenneth and Angie Hagan, Millie Brooks and Betty Cox. The pledge to the flag was followed by a moment of silence in memory of Dave Crye. Brock Fisher gave the meal prayer.
President Dean Black welcomed everyone. Laura Mulhern acted as secretary and treasurer, since Elloise Black was unable to attend. The secretary and treasurer report was read and approved.
Birthdays and anniversaries in January were also read.
It was agreed that Frank Heigert would audit the club records. Dean Black read and offered a copy of a letter from ExxonMobil regarding electronic retirement checks.
He also mentioned that if anyone else had volunteer hours to contribute to the Deeds Award, he would need them right away.
Black then turned the meeting over to Vice President Mike Mulhern, who opened by complimenting Elloise Black on her job as secretary and treasurer of the club.
He distributed member data sheets that he had complied, for members to make additions and corrections. He had prepared the member biographies that had been turned in so far on a Power Point presentation to show others what they should prepare for the member booklet.
He then distributed books that he acquired from ExxonMobil, “ExxonMobil 125 years of History,” which he gave to every member couple present.
He brought up the ExxonMobil 2012 Volunteer Involvement Program. Grant applications need to be filed by March 15, so anyone interested should see him for the form.
Lastly, he informed members that he had researched some member discounts that members may not realize are available to them.
Next month’s meeting will be on Feb. 28 at Ponderosa, with members paying for their own meals.
Members present were: Roger Bergman, Dean Black, Dallas and Jo Fairley, Betty Feezel, Elmer Feezel, Marty Gorman, Frank and Carolyn Heigert, Carolyn Johnson, Karl Kozak, Cy and Lorene Locke, Mike and Laura Mulhern, Butch and Martha Shelton, Jim Sprayberry, Junior Williams and Helen Wright.