Evergreen Outreach-Sept. 23, 2010

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By Mary Woolsey
What a beautiful day it was on Monday! The temperature was above average, and God had created beauty all around us. A wonderful time of year.
Sandy Dothager was at the piano, playing toe-tapping music when I arrived. She played all over the keys...an amazing natural talent.
Delicious cookies were made by Robin Kistler and Bobbie Vaughn. Drinks were served, along with the cookies, by the faithful volunteers.
Beverly Hood was our leader today,  and after leading us in the “Welcome" and "Evergreen Outreach” songs, she recognized the birthdays of Erna Cameron (20), Sarah Laurie (20), Donald McArtor (22), Brenda Reese (24) and Edna Strullmyer (25).
"Happy Birthday" was sung for them.
The Rev. Roger Grimmett was our devotional leader. As usual, Grimmett started with a couple of jokes:
Johnny was asked by his mother what he had learned today in Sunday School. Johnny answered by saying that he had learned about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. They had pontoon boats, used their walkie-talkies to call for help, the bombers came and shelled the enemy and the Israelites crossed safely. His mother asked if he was sure that was the way it happened. Johnny said that if he told it the way his teacher told the story, she would never believe it!
Another one. A farmer was trying to get his field ready for planting. In his mind,  he saw the letters GPC. He believed that the letters meant "go preach Christ." So the farmer went to school, studied and became a preacher. The first Sunday, as he began his first sermon, he was nervous, almost unable to speak. He told his congregation about seeing the letters GPC. After church, a sweet old lady came up to him and said she believed it meant "go plant corn."
Some are called to plant, to harvest and to wait. Grimmett asked if we have trouble waiting. It is difficult. God wants us to have patience.
In I Corinthians 3: 5-9, Paul wrote to the congregation at Corinth, saying that they were all servants of God. The task for them was to point people to God. Paul came and spoke the "good news." Apollos came and reaffirmed what Paul had said. But only God calls people to believe. So, Paul "planted," Apollos “watered” but God caused the seed to take root and grow.
We can talk to people about God, and we can encourage them, but God gives the increase.
Judy Varga began entertaining with the beautiful song, “It Is Well With My Soul,” later singing, “The Locomotion,” “You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man,” “You’re Looking at Country” and a request by Brad Elmore to sing “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” She and Eleanor McNutt sang a duet of “Help Me Make It Thru the Night.”
Randy Schukar added to the entertainment by singing “Don’t Tell My Heart,” “You Got To Know When To Hold Them,” “On the Road Again,” “Ring of Fire” and “Okie From Muskogee.”
One of the other favorites he sang was, “Without Him.” The words are: “Oh, Jesus, Oh, Jesus, do you know him today? Please don’t turn him away. Oh Jesus, Oh, Jesus, without him how lost would I be.”
There were two tables of pinochle. At table one, Rosamund Hobler and Peggy Lippold won one game, while Richard Kruenegel and John Hunsley won two games. At table two, Shirley Locke and Jeanne Schlicht won two games, while Beulah Brown and Joyce Mueller didn't win any.
Judy and Randy continued to sing as the buses were leaving. I believe everyone would have stayed for the remainder of the day.
See you next Monday! We will be at Vandalia Long Term Care again.