Evergreen Outreach-Oct. 13, 2011

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By Mary Woolsey
Phyllis Rames welcomed each guest at Monday’s Evergreen Outreach, which was held this week at Fayette County Hospital Long Term Care. The numbers were down because it was Columbus Day.
Rames called Erna Wasmuth to the microphone, and others joined with her to sing “Jesus Loves Me.”
Stacey Kistler gave a devotional using “The Word for You Today.” This book is a WJLY radio station devotional for daily reading. Kistler used the Oct. 9 devotion called “Change Can Happen to You.”
Kistler read from Revelation 21:5, in which Jesus said, “Behold, I make all things new.” Change requires an understanding of certain principles:
No. 1: You don’t need to change others in order to change your life. Don’t say, “I’d be happier if she….” or “Things won’t improve for me until he stops….”
Take responsibility for your own life.
No. 2: True change begins by addressing your relationship with God. Bitterness and frustrations over problems just result in distancing yourself from God, leaving you to handle your problems in your own strength. Surrendering to God changes you fundamentally, challenging pride, envy, resentment, fear and dishonesty.”
With God, we are more honest and self-aware. We also can perceive things realistically and be respectful.
Wasmuth, Marie Sutton, Kistler and others closed by singing “God Will Take Care of You.”
Rames held up something in her hand and asked: “What is this?” She said that she has 500 pecans in her yard. Inside the shell were sometimes broken pieces. She said that our lives are sometimes broken, too. But God works to replace the broken pieces with wholeness.
Birthdays celebrated this week are: Sarah Johnson, Lucille Fico, Jack Logue, Panzi Blackwell, Barb Denning, Diane Hans and Jeanne Witbracht.
Two people provided entertainment.
The first was Bill Beard, who blew up long balloons and shaped them into a poodle, duck or heart. It was fascinating to see the shapes emerge. Thanks, Bill.
The second entertainer was Dave Korte from Highland. He sang several songs, including Gene Autry’s “Back in the Saddle Again,” “Good Night, Irene,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “It’s No Secret,” “Why Me, Lord?” “He Turned the Water Into Wine,” “Softly and Tenderly” and “Amazing Grace.”
We were short two pinochle players, so we had no scores this week.
Next week, we’ll be back at First United Methodist Church. Judy Varga and Randy Schukar will sing, Beverly Hood will lead, the Rev. Tom Farris will give the devotional and Sandy Dothager will play the piano.
See you then!