Evergreen Outreach-Feb. 3, 2011

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By Pat Rhodes

 Monday was a very unusual day at Evergreen Outreach.
For the first time in 31 years, we held a party without any guests. The weather, of course, was the culprit, keeping the folks who usually attend safe and warm in their homes.
 The volunteers gathered, as they do every Monday, in Wesley Hall at the United Methodist Church. The kitchen crew prepared the refreshments; the greeters sat patiently waiting for the buses; and the volunteer pinochle players had already started a game. Mrs. Pockets, the entertainment for the day, arrived in costume while the minister, and yours truly came ready to perform our assigned duties.
Evergreen Outreach is usually in full swing by 1 p.m., and at 10 minutes after, our fearless leader, Phyllis Rames, made a call to find out if anyone was coming. Just as we had suspected, they were all staying put because of the impending bad weather.
Since we were already gathered, we decided to go ahead and have our devotion before going back out into the cold. Tom Ferris, minister at First Church of God, brought the message from Revelation 3:21: “To him who overcomes, I will grant to sit with me on my throne, as I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne.”
Farris asked: "Who is our greatest enemy?" Without thinking, we would probably say the devil or others who have great influence on our lives. In reality, our contest is not without but within. The greatest enemy is found within ourselves.
After getting all the things that promised us life of ease and fulfillment, our souls still yearn for something more. We still face the dilemma of satisfying that inner man or the soul of man.
Conquering the self will lead us into the glory of God, and will satisfy our soul. Those who follow Christ in humility, rejection and suffering will also follow him in glory.
The pinochle players stayed long enough to finish one game, and the outcome was Ruth Ann Scott and Mary Woolsey with one win, leaving John Hensley and Richard Kruenegel winless.