Evergreen Outreach Dec. 9, 2011

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By Edith Elliott
"The weather outside is frightful...but the fire is so delightful." That line from the Christmas song was appropriate for the weather on Monday.
Moving from the news of the day in our topsy-turvy world, where politics, budgets and downsizing are the dominant topics, to the peace and joy of Wesley Hall and Evergreen Outreach is akin to finding that "fire."
Miles Filer greeted everyone at the door, giving assistance where needed.
Phyllis Thoman, pianist for the day, played so many Christmas carols. Some of them were "White Christmas," "Let It Snow," "Walking in the Winter Wonderland," Frosty the Snowman," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful."
Refreshments were served by volunteers – our thanks to the Christmas Tea contributors.
Beulah Brown expressed appreciation for the delicious cookies. She led in the "Evergreen Outreach" and "Welcome" songs, as well as "Happy Birthday" to Eugene Marshall, Becky Summerlott, Betty Donaldson, Joyce Staff and Kathy Silvester.
The Rev. Joe Lawson led the devotional, which was taken from Matthew 20-26. He told of how all the disciples wanted to sit by Jesus. Giving a parallel, he told of his brand new grandson, who was born just last Friday.
His older grandson cried, threw things and wanted ALL of his parents' attention.
Jesus said that we all are equal in his sight. We should be helpful to each other, and challenged us to find ways.
Students from Vandalia Christian Academy (kindergarten through fourth grade) sang for EO participants. Their teachers are Mrs. Krohe and Mrs. Rogers. All 21 students had on white shirts and dark pants. They were SO polite. They sang "Oh, Beautiful for Spacious Skies," "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble," "Knapsack on My Back" and "Gentle Light."
A special thank you to our dear friend, Joan Kelly, who has moved to California, but never forgets EO at Christmas time. Thanks, Joan. We miss you, but it's snowing now. What can we say but "lucky you."
The pinochle game had only one table. John Hunsley and Wolf Schlicht won three, while Richard Kruenegel and Shirley Locke didn't win any.
Thanks to Mary Woolsey for leaving me good notes. Thanks, too, to our Lamp of Liberty coffee and ice cream shop for giving me a table to write this. Wonderful coffee and brownies.