Evergreen Outreach

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By Karen Redfern
Evergreen Outreach was back at First United Methodist Church this week.
Cindy Hunter, the leader for the week, welcomed everyone. The crowd enjoyed the fantastic music of SoftFire, as David and Patricia Pence played a variety of songs, including “Jesus, Prince of Peace,” “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “Onward Christian Soldiers,” “At the Cross” and “Power in the Blood.”
Peanut butter bars and drinks were served by volunteers Marie Sutton, Jeanne Schlicht, Erna Wasmuth and Ruth Ann Scott.
Birthdays for the week included: Dorothy Lach, Debbie Lovall, Donnie Martin, Martha Vogel and Norma Wright. The Pences’ border collie named Daniel celebrated his fifth birthday.
The Rev. Tom Ferris gave a devotional on John 15:12-17, in which Jesus is talking about servants and friends. Jesus is a friend that will never let you down. There is never a strained relationship with him, because he promises us that he will never leave us. As a result, we need to treat people as friends, and always remember that Jesus is our savior and friend.
SoftFire – which consists of the Pences and their border collies Rufus, Shackam, Grace and Daniel – ended the program with more songs: “Oh, How He Loves You and Me,” “This is the Day the Lord Has Made,” “It’s Designed to Do” and a last song for Phyllis Rames, “When the Saints Go Marching In.”
At the pinochle corner, Peggy Lippold and Shirley Locke won one game, while John Hunsley and Wolf Schlicht won two games.
As the guests were leaving, SoftFire played “Trees of the Fields Will Clap Their Hands.”
Next Monday, EO will meet as usual at First United Methodist Church. Joyce Staff will be the leader and Betty Stolte will play the piano.