Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
On Monday, we held “the meeting that never was.” The bitter cold weather put a nasty chill on the SoftFire brass, not to mention it totally cratered most everyone’s hopes for getting outside for any fun.
So this report is just to let everyone know we still love and miss you all.
We can still wish happy birthday to Bob Jones, Jeanne Cole, Maureen Schottel, Clifford Nickels, Dorothy Lach, Debbie Lovall, Donnie Martin, Martha Vogel, Lewis Lester and Cindy Jarrett. We also send get well wishes to Beulah Brown and anyone else who has fallen ill.
On tap and scheduled for Monday was Cindy Hunter as leader, the Rev. Tom Farris for scripture and SoftFire (David and Patricia Pence and their border collies) for entertainment. They all would have warmed our hearts. God bless them and everyone else in this terribly cold weather.
We plan to resume Evergreen Outreach on Feb. 3, with Beulah Brown as our leader (hopefully), the Rev. Joe Lawson for scripture, Vandalia Christian Academy as entertainment and Bettye Stolte on the piano.
This month, we’ve set the record for cancellations, so everyone pray for better weather and extra blessings on each other. Maybe we can open the jars of heat and sunshine we saved from the summer.
If anyone finds my missing tickets to Tahiti, let me know!    Seriously, we hope to see you all on Monday, Feb. 3, at 1 p.m. in Wesley Hall at First United Methodist Church.