Evergreen Outreach

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 By Charlene M. Jett

We have to open with an apology today, an apology to the children of Vandalia Christian Academy, Vandalia Rehabilitation, FAYCO and Fayette County Hospital Long Term Care. The death of a member of the First United Methodist Church changed our schedule on Sunday, and we weren’t sure where we would be meeting on Monday. We are sorry for any confusion on where the meeting would be held. We finally landed at FCLTC. Apologies all around. 

We sang our “Welcome” and “EO” songs, and two rounds of “Happy Birthday” to Walter Mayer and Eugene Marshall.

After a joke about not wanting mittens for Christmas and always getting mittens, the Rev. Jim Fackler turned to a more serious note. We appreciate his leadership in his review of the praise songs based on the book of Luke. He explained and taught us the stories and the origins of songs from this part of the Bible. "The Song of Mary," which expresses how Mary felt her soul magnified the Lord, through Christ’s Holy conception.  Rev. Fackler spoke about the angel Gabriel telling the priest Zachariah, who was 70 years old, that he and his wife were to have a baby, and he was to be called John. John was to lead the path to Jesus. And he told about the "Song of Simeon," which praised God for allowing him (Simeon) to see baby Jesus before he died. 

Lane Mayfield of Vandalia was our entertainment, and is a solo guitarist with a strong, clear, husky voice. He enjoys singing country, hymns and old-fashioned rock and roll. He plays with his dad’s guitar, and started off with “Alabama Jubilee” and “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down.” He also has a repertoire of jokes that he was willing to share, and that lifted everyone’s spirits. I especially liked the one about the “Old Maid” who tossed a couple of $100 bills into the offering plate, and the pastor said that whoever gave that money could pick out two hymns – so she said she wanted “him and him.” Very cute!  He also shared a joke about “A Very Unfortunate Man,” who learned the hard way not to trust his eyes when picking out a spouse. 

We were invited to sing along to “Battle of New Orleans,” “Hello, Mary Lou” and “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue.” Lane impressed us with his song about God being a little boy’s Santa Claus, every day of the year. Toward the end of his performance, he sang “It Is No Secret What God Can Do,” and we all know that to be true!

Thanks everyone for making Monday’s gathering a success. See you next week, in Wesley Hall at First United Methodist Church. I really hope everyone can make it.