Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
Today, we learned and shared lessons on being thankful.
The dark clouds, and cold have settled in on our area, and the tornadoes missed us. Boy, are we ever thankful!
David and Patricia Pence (Softfire) arrived early and set the stage (literally) for a great day of thankfulness. We missed our Long Term care and Vandalia Rehab friends; hope you can make it next week. Was it too cold?  Even the border collies were glad to be inside!
Cindy Hunter was our leader today and brought cookies. She told about the extension of her family by five more new members and doing all the Thanksgiving cooking. She is grateful for having more family, but not the cooking!
Phyllis Rames is grateful for her 14 grandchildren.
Shirley Locke is grateful for her brother.
More than five or six attendees and volunteers expressed what they are most grateful for this time of year. It was usually: family, God’s blessings and good health. And as long as we make God our No. 1 relationship, we will continue to be blessed. Remember, “Thou shalt have no other Gods except me,” said our God to Moses and the Israelites.
We sang “Happy Birthday” to Phyllis Hartwick, Linda Marie Francisco, Ruth Reeter (100), Wade Levy, Mark Cherry, Marcela Freeland, Debbie Seagrist and Hope Hufstettler.
Pastor Tom Farris gave us additional lessons on being thankful.
He quoted the scripture from Ephesians 5, where it tells us to be joyful. We are to sing hymns, play music, and be thankful that God loves us so much. I believe his words were “Joyful Always” and “Continuously Thankful.”
There may come a day when we will all be “WALKING ZOMBIES,” there will be rain (sadness) and trouble in our lives. Even though God loves us our biggest cause of trouble will be our own shortcomings, like too much pride (arrogance), a negative attitude (always complaining and whining), and carelessness (speaking and behaving wrongly).
Remember when the Israelites were given all the food (Manna) they could eat, when they left Egypt? Still they grumbled and wanted more. They wanted fresh fish and veggies from the Nile delta, where they had been slaves.
Some were willing to be slaves in order to eat this great food.
However I am NOT and will NEVER be a slave to other gods, because God sent Jesus to rescue me from all my sins, and I will never believe in another God. Pastor Farris prayed with and for us, before the fun began!
David and Patricia started by playing and singing “Count your Blessings” and an extra modern arrangement of this tune with both the trumpet and saxophone. They played several songs before they got us marching to “ When the Saints go Marching in” and several other lively songs with good rhythm.
As our dancing train circled the volunteers, we clapped and raised our arms as an expression of thanks for the carefree moments we shared.  We also clapped and sang to “Power in the Blood,” “Blood of Jesus” and “Beauty on Earth.”
We listened to slower music as the meeting wound down and continued our EO dance, lifting our arms, dipping and diving, bowing and making circles.
Then the party was over! See you next week, and Happy Thanksgiving!