Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
We had a really nice cool fall day for our meeting Monday, and we had a full house! Joyce Staff was our leader and activities manager. Betty Stolte played the ivory piano keys and jazzed it up quite a few times! We sang our "Welcome" and "EO" songs, and then "Happy Birthday" to Brenda Reese, Edna Strullmyer, Phyllis Rames (who just returned from visiting her daughter in Tennessee), Madonna Latimer, Carey Meyer, Evelyn Edwards, Joe Hoffman, Tina Lograsso, Brian Eller and Patty Sprague, who has moved to Texas.
I gave a short devotional reading from the Methodist church’s Sunday school lesson book. It was from Genesis, and was about how and why God created the Tower of Babel. Do you remember? Everything was going well in God’s new earth creation, until man started wanting to be more like God himself. Not only did we mess up in the Garden of Eden, but we messed up between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers (at Babylon), where we tried to build a great huge tower. The tower was being built and people were communicating just fine, but then some became overly confident and proud. God wanted them to spread his word across the world, but they wanted to concentrate near their home. They felt they didn’t need God. Big mistake! They wanted to be like God. Bigger mistake! Their hearts were no longer filled with the love for God, but admiration for themselves and their tower.
Sooooo, God made them all speak different languages. No one could understand anything! It was a serious nightmare. The people started fighting, and the tower was not completed. They were all humbled by God’s power to get what he wants.  We must never be a people who want to be like him! We should love God and want to be like Jesus.
Joyce Staff has her own style when it comes to activities. She often uses crafts to literally get everyone working on the same page. On Monday, the project was coloring leaves, and it was fun for the whole crowd.
This is how she set the stage: One tray holding colored crayons, plain paper and a variety of pressed leaves. The pressed leaves were laid on the flat table and the plain paper covered the leaf. Then the colored crayons were laid flat on their side and rubbed over the leaf. Viola! A beautiful leaf rubbing. Every color of the rainbow! We had multi-colored leaves, just like the trees. Some leaves were made of several colors, and each page may have had several leaves. A really pretty outcome!
Several were placed on the black board for everyone to admire. We had dozens of pretty colored pages of leaves all around. We didn’t have time to cut the leaf shapes out, but it might be an addition for those who like to make cutouts!
The pinochle table was enjoying the music as Rosamond Hobler and Richard Kruenegel won two games over Mary Woolsey and Shirley Locke’s one game. At least this competition is peaceful!
I hope and pray that EO can always operate in a peaceful and loving environment, and that all will be welcomed. See you all next week.
God bless everyone.