Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
Wow, did we start off slowly on Monday. No music, no pastor, no leader! Now, this must be where the technique of flying by the seat of your pants was invented! Just like we don’t melt when we get rained on, we just kept going! And that is what we did!
We did manage to sing "Happy Birthday" to Pam Burton, Judy Flowers, Burton Graff and Flo Lange.
Brad Elmore offered to play the piano, so Marie Sutton and I took him up on the deal. Then, with our favorite music books in hand, we all sang about six hymns. Brad saved the day! He may only use three or four fingers to plink out the tunes, but we did it. Actually, we were just warming up everyone’s eardrums for the real vocalist and entertainer,  Pat Ehrle.
Our devotions were based on the Festival of Booths. This festival was created by the ancient Hebrew people, who returned to Israel from Babylon/Iraq after they were released by King Attaxerxes (the tolerant king of Babylon). Once they safely returned with their treasure and built a temple for God, they had the Festival of Booths. To simplify this festival, it actually meant camping in your backyard, to remember the good old days and appreciate how hard things were then. Just imagine having to walk and carry tents six days a week, and set up the tent for church on the seventh day! Wow, am I glad all I have to do is walk a couple of blocks to my church, and it doesn’t move! THANK YOU GOD!
As for Pat’s singing, she has a beautiful voice and lots of good CD music. So Brad, Marie and I were replaced by the CDs. Oh well, I wasn’t really aiming for "America’s Got Talent." Pat sings with a soft contralto voice, and her gospel selections all had very meaningful verses.
 We invented a new special Evergreen Outreach dance. Everyone holds hands in a circle and each one takes turns ducking under the raised arms of their opposite. Maybe we could call it the Phyllis Rames or EO dance!  She sang several more that touched our hearts and made us smile. Thank you very much, Pat, for your sweet vocal creations. I just can’t wait to get to heaven; it’s really going to be AWESOME!
The pinochle players had an unusual setup. Rosamund Hobler, Ruth Ann Scott and Joyce Mueller seemed to gang up on Shirley Locke and Mary Woolsey, but the score was tied at one game each. Exactly how do you play pinochle with five people? Maybe I’ll have to wait to get to heaven to learn!
See you next week!