Evergreen Outreach

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By The Staff

By Charlene M. Jett
On Monday at Fayette County Long Term Care, everyone caught the spirit! I really hope everyone was able to get out and catch a little sunshine, too. We were operating on wings and prayers!
After greeting everyone, we opened  by singing "Happy Birthday" to Dorothy Halfaire, Joan Goldhardt, Bobby Kimbro, Jason Galvin, Cora Foster and Marie Sutton.
The Rev. Ernie Flowers read both scriptures and poetry to us, and what a thoughtful collection of verses he chose. What was difficult was to tell exactly when the scripture ended and the poetry began, much like the way King David must have prayed.  However, the poems we heard reflected the teachings of Jesus Christ, and if I’m not mistaken, may have been addressed to him. The salient features uniting this Christian poet and the Bible was the reverential attention to the life of Jesus and Christian devotion to him. So, with that in our mind, we humbly progressed to entertainment.
Bob Langley brought out his guitar and two singing partners. These three started out with “I’ll Fly Away” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” By then, Bob’s thumb was warmed up and his partners were worn out!  Bob carried on singing and playing by himself, very old favorites, and frequently the message was about how the grave can’t hold us down. I’m sure everyone got that message! As long as we believe in Jesus, we will live eternally with him, God and the Holy Spirit when we die. It doesn’t matter if you are one minute or 150 years old, “the deal” is the same.
Just think how much God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit love us, not just today, but ETERNALLY. And that means forever and ever and ever!
After nearly a half dozen songs praising Jesus, Bob’s thumb was getting blistered. So, Betty Stolte, on an impromptu mission, took over on the piano, and we all chirped in on songs we sing on Wednesday night regularly. Toward the end of the program, everyone was raising arms and hands as the spirit caught our emotions and turned them all into joy, as we sang a few more songs.
Joyce Staff shared her recent experiences and wisdom with us. Phyllis Rames prayed and shared her three-day vacation with her daughters in Harvard, Ill. What a joyful event, and hearty congratulations is due for a successful trip.
We want to say extra prayers for Randy Schukar and Beulah Brown, and everyone else who is in the hospital or in need of God's healing.