Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
It was dangerous going to Evergreen Outreach on Monday. The Rev. Jim Fackler brought his joke book! All kidding aside, it was a really good meeting.
We sang our EO songs and had lots of helpers. Isn’t it nice to have helpers! And speaking of a good helper, Donna Smith welcomed us all with her sweet piano music. It definitely calms everyone.
Our refreshments were provided by Jill Zimmer. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Jennifer Wilmer, Robert Nelson and Betty Turner before Fackler started our devotions.
With Easter not far behind us, Fackler talked to us about the gift of resurrection. He followed the movement of the Holy Spirit from Jesus’ conception (with the Archangel Michael proclaiming this conception by the Holy Spirit to Mary) to Jesus’ birth at Christmas.
Although this isn’t Christmas, this conception is still an important part of the Christmas story, because it was made by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was the father of Jesus, although Joseph was his earthly father.
In very simple terms, because Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and was resurrected on Easter (his body was missing from the tomb), he left behind a gift of the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is ALWAYS with us and cannot be destroyed.
This is one of the things that makes Easter such a powerful and moving day! I know it sounds strange, weird, impossible etc., but it is the truth and we should all love it.
Just think about your poor tired and sore body (flesh). It will someday (when you die) be associated with the most powerful force in creation, the Word made flesh, God and the Holy Spirit. It is really too good to be true, and all done through Jesus!
Fackler introduced our entertainment, Dave Korte, who sang and played the guitar. Now, he is not shy about being on stage or singing alone. He has made two CDs of country and gospel songs.
He started off by singing “Back in the Saddle” and a Hank Williams original “Hey, Good Lookin.’” Then he got a little romantic with “I’m Sending You a Big Bouquet of Roses” and “Red River Valley.”
Elvis came into the picture when he sang “Crying in the Chapel,” followed by an all-time favorite from Johnny Cash, “I Walk the Line” and “I Still Miss Someone.”
He sang several songs that had Bible stories as part of their content, such as “Water into Wine.” He finished with “You Are My Sunshine” and a rousing “God Bless America.”
The pinochle players were very quiet, but I could tell the competition was intense. The score ended up being 2-0, with Rosamund and Richard winning over Shirley and Mary. I wonder if I should be afraid of these card sharks. Nah!
Now, don’t anyone get sore from raking yards or from walking or running. We’ll see you all next week. Until then, enjoy our beautiful spring weather, at last! God bless.