Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
At last, the daffodils were up and the sun was shining as we held our Evergreen Outreach meeting on Monday. Everyone was ready and happy to be together again, since we were snowed out last week by 12 inches of snow. Whew – glad that is over!
Sharing our faith through prayer, scripture and song made it a glorious meeting. The nice lobby/living room of Vandalia Rehabilitation was packed! Beulah Brown tried to pull a fast April fool’s joke and made everyone look outside when she exclaimed it was raining! Tsk, tsk.
Bernie Ray doesn’t need any music in front of her to play all kinds of music. And she gave us a hearty helping, before Brown  took over. After refreshments, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Ilene Sidwell, Judy Vaughn, Karen Zouche and Bobbie Moore. We were also saddened to hear that David S. Rochkes had passed away.  I will miss my 96-year-old dancing partner.
The Rev. Joe Lawson told us a story about two friends walking. They were joined by a new friend, and shared their supper with him. After praying, the third man left them and went on a separate journey. After he was gone, the two discussed how he had sounded like Jesus, in what he had shared and discussed with them. Finally, they realized that it WAS Jesus. They were happy and excited about their discovery, and this discovery strengthened their faith. The key in this story is being able to recognize God, when we are seeking him and when he is with us. We should be happy when we are with God,  and keep him in our heart ALL the time. Then we will always be happy!
There was a discussion of who went on Easter egg hunts, who got chocolate Easter bunnies and who couldn’t find their Easter eggs! Regardless of what happened on Sunday, Windy Willy (Bill Beard) handed out  hearts and puppy dogs made with balloons. In dozens of colors, these hand-crafted hearts and puppies, made smiles come across everyone’s face.
Gale Aukamp led the sing-along, and what a fantastic selection of hymns she chose. We sang at least 10 songs spontaneously around the piano. This was indeed a happy heritage for all of us. It was an excellent, bright selection of songs. This added an extra dimension to our usual gathering, and brought out the true warmth of all our family and friends. I hope we never lose this sense of our godly heritage and love. Old hymns just can’t be beaten, and neither can God.
And who wouldn’t be happy with smiles, cookies, Kool-Aid, tea, music, songs and God right beside you?
It was a great party, and we will miss everyone until next week, when we will be back at Wesley Hall at First United Methodist Church.