Evergreen Outreach

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By The Staff

By Mary Woolsey
Sounds are important. Sunday night, the gentle sound of rain falling was a wonderful thing. Listening for the stir of a baby during the night is another. The sound of beautiful music is always refreshing.
Such was the case on Monday as SoftFire began playing. David and Patricia Pence (known as SoftFire) have an assortment of musical instruments, and are also talented vocally. One of their early numbers was “What a Mighty God We Serve.”
Cindy Hunter was our leader today, and she also brought the delicious cookies that were quickly eaten. Cindy frequently brings an assortment of cookies.
She asked: “Did you hear the rain last night? Did you thank God for the rain?
Cindy said that her brother-in-law, David Frailey, had a stroke and was taken to a hospital in Charlotte, N.C. Because of early intervention, the blood clot causing the stroke may be less severe than it might have been. However, she still asked that we remember him and his family in prayer.
David Pence immediately prayed for David’s health and comfort, and for peace in the family.
Stan Oldham had a birthday on Monday, and Shelby Cole has a birthday coming up on Sept. 5.
David Pence gave the devotional, using scripture from Luke. When the Jews returned to Jerusalem, many were filled with the Holy Spirit. They repented and were baptized as an outward sign of an inward change.
As babies, who before birth live in total darkness, so do those who live in spiritual darkness. New birth in Christ brings light and helps us live a more Christian life.
Thank you, David, for your devotional.
SoftFire finished the hour by playing many of their favorites: “Our God Is An Awesome God,” “Praise Ye The Lord,” “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms” and “Wonderful People.”
The team of Peggy Lippold and John Hunsley won one game of pinochle, tying with Joyce Mueller and Shirley Locke, who also won one game.
There will be NO Evergreen Outreach next Monday (Sept. 3) due to the Labor Day holiday.
On Sept. 10, Evergreen Outreach will again meet, with the FourGiven Quartet entertaining, the Rev. Fackler leading, Donna Smith on piano and Edith Elliott writing.
See you there!