Evergreen Outreach

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By The Staff

By Charlene Jett
Now that the heat wave and drought have broken, the Evergreen Outreach gathering  was back at First United Methodist Church on Monday. However, make note, next week we will be back at FCH Long Term Care.
Our program manager on Monday was Beulah Brown, and the piano player was Pam Childers. Beulah showed off some “brag pictures” from her nephew’s wedding that she recently attended. Pam’s wonderful old-time songs were a joy to hear, and she didn’t even mind if I chirped in a little. Today’s snacks (orange sherbet and a slice of cake) were provided by EO.  
The Rev. Joe Lawson told us a story derived from the Bible (Psalms 46:1) about not being afraid to ask God for help. It reminded him of a story that involved a young boy and his father, who were working in the field. The farmer couldn’t find his son, who had run off and started climbing on some equipment. The boy got stuck on a dump truck tailgate and couldn’t go up or down. When his father finally found him, he gave him a good spank and sent him home.
The moral of the story is that he should have asked his father for help. We should always be asking for help, and never be afraid of asking God for it. Never be too proud to ask for help, and be sure to ask ahead of time! Another example might be for family or health problems; ask God ahead of time! We hope his closing prayer will bring blessing to us all.
We sang "Happy Birthday" to Marie Sutton, Pam Burton, Judy Flowers, Burton Graff, Sam Brown, Flo Lange and Dee Dee Nordyke.
Beulah introduced the program's entertainment, Emilie Britt from Bluff City, who played her violin. Emilie is a Vandalia Community High School senior, and recently returned from band camp, where they practiced from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Her parents are Terri and John Britt. Emily played eight songs for us while she was wearing the coolest tangerine tennis shoes and shirt! She played “Irish Song,” ”Star of the County Down,” ”Hey Soul Sister,” ”Smile,” “Jack Sparrow,” ”Love Story,” “You Raise Me Up” and an unwritten song.
At the first pinochle table, Shirley Locke and Ruth Ann Scott tied with Edith Elliott and Joyce Mueller, with one win apiece.  At the second table,  Rosamund Hobler and Peggy Haggard also tied 1-1 with John Hunsley and Mary Woolsey.
Everyone had a good time celebrating the cooler weather and a beautiful day. It reminded me of a verse from the hymn, “In The Garden.” That verse says: “The joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.”