Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
If you’ve been suffering from the heat wave and drought, you should have come to Evergreen Outreach this week at Fayette County Hospital. We were all most abundantly refreshed and rewarded.
Beverly Hood started the program, while we passed out cookies from Pam Baker – wonderful chocolate chip cookies that were slightly warm. Yum! And if that wasn’t enough goodness, Phyllis Thoman was tickling the ivory keys, producing beautiful notes to cheer us all up.
We celebrated birthdays for Ryan Hunter, Sandy Beegle and Angela Ondes.
The Rev. Tom Farris lead us in a prayer, and shared a Bible story about King Saul (from Isaiah 55:1-9). Ultimately, when King Saul made poor choices, he was dethroned. If he had turned to God and asked him to help him with his choices, he wouldn’t have suffered so much. Although God allowed him to experience great pain and anguish, in the end, he loved God more. He would accept no savior except him. Our lesson from this is that we are not to judge others, but to let God judge everyone in his own way and time. Only he can see in our hearts and minds. Farris closed with a prayer and a blessing for all of us.
And then the party began! Our entertainers for the day were singers Judy Varga and Randy Schukar. All we had to do was sing and dance. Just plain fun!
Randy started off with a serious solo entitled “What Jesus Did For Me.” It certainly made you stop and think. Randy soloed with “Ring of Fire” and “Heartaches by the Number” (and he wasn’t talking about chest pain)! Judy sang next, starting with "Lollipop" (and while she was singing, candy lollipops were handed out to everyone). Then came "Coal Miner’s Daughter." Randy then sang “Elvira” and “The Gambler."
A long row of “chicken dancers” was formed, with plenty of clucking and chuckling. After that, I lost track of who sang what, so it was a good thing that they sang “Help Me Make It Through the Night.” We made a circle of dancers for “Rockytop,” and then came “Lucille,” “Kiss an Angel Good Morning,” “Tennessee Waltz,” “Crazy,” “Hey Good Lookin’” “Okie from Muskogee,” and Judy finished with “The Lighthouse.”  
The pinochle players were in a different room, as it was just a tiny bit loud, with all of us singing almost as loud as the entertainers.  John Huntley and Shirley Locke won two games, while Peggy Lippold and Rosamund Hobler won one.
I dare say that this was the most fun anyone has had in a hospital! Hats off to Evergreen Outreach! Anyone wanting to participate or volunteer, can contact Phyllis Rames or just meet us at First United Methodist Church's Wesley Hall on Mondays at 1 p.m.