Evergreen Outreach

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By Edith Elliott
Monday’s showers reminded us of the song, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.” And we were SO rejoicing over that! Though it was good for the farmers, Monday’s rain did cause our crowd at Evergreen Outreach to be a little short.
Donna Smith greeted us with her great collection of music. She doesn’t need the notes before her to play the piano – only the titles of the songs. We do enjoy and appreciate her.
The Rev. Jim Fackler was our devotional leader, our history teacher and our entertainer. He led in the singing of the “Welcome” and “Outreach” songs. He also led us in singing “Happy Birthday” to Beulah Edwards, Wilma Johnson, Louise Kruenegel, Margaret Penn, Ida Radcliff, Victor Vandre, Lynnette Wise, Debbie Rebbe, Matt Carrigan, Sharon Lee, Tara Beard, Irene Dial, Floyd Rogers, Donna Small, Elizabeth Whitt, Joanne Gilmore, Jean Wendling, Janet Lusch, Betty Stone, Erna Wasmuth, Pauline Radcliff, Norma Shafer, Norma Simmons and Randy Owens.
A special congratulations to Jeanne and Wolf Schlicht on their 25th wedding anniversary.
Volunteers served drinks and wonderful zucchini bread, baked by Sherry Schneider, and chocolate chip cookies, baked by Sara Clark.
Fackler gave a devotional that tied us all in as relatives. Next, he gave us the history of Flag Day – going back to 1776 and updating us as each state was added to the union.
Bill Beard, the “balloon man,” had balloons in all shapes, but mostly in hearts and animals. He gave one to each guest in the room, making a colorful display and bringing smiles to the guests.
In the pinochle corner, each team at both tables won one game. Those teams were: Ruth Scott and Jeanne Schlicht, Shirley Locke and Mary Woolsey, Wolf Schlicht and John Hunsley, and Peggy Lippold and Rosamund Hobler.
The meeting was closed by Fackler, who lead in “God Be With You ‘til We Meet Again.”
Our best wishes for a quick recovery to valued volunteer Marie Sutton.