Evergreen Outreach

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By Joyce Mueller
April is officially the lawn and garden month, and many of us are delighted to be outside, enjoying the displays of flowers and trees.
We also enjoy seeing all those who attend EO every Monday afternoon. This week, we met in the Fayette County Hospital LTC dining area.
Arriving early, Pam Childers, our pianist, started the program with a variety of favorite tunes.
Refreshments of cookies, iced tea and coffee were provided by the Evergreen volunteers group.
Beulah Brown continued by acknowledging the birthdays of Judy Varga, Karen DeZoucher, Lucille Gebke, Sherry McDowell and Juanita Ross. Everyone enjoyed singing “Happy Birthday” to them.
We welcomed guests Betty Mercer and Larry Elam, and also new volunteer Charlene Jett.
Brown introduced the Rev. Joe Lawson, who presented scripture taken from Ephesians 4:32. “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other. Just as in Christ God forgave you.”
He continued by stating, “How we treat people around us should inspire kindness. Demonstrate your kindness, even as Christ has been kind to us.”
Lawson remembered how he took his 4-year-old grandson to a soccer game, and at that age, they could not understand competition to win; they just kicked the ball and had a good time.
The high point of EO was special entertainment by the Rev. Tom Farris.
He recalled an incident when he was in a fishing boat in an isolated area at Lake Shelbyville, when he found that he no longer had a propeller on the motor. He was really stranded (and it was late in the day).
After about 10 minutes of praying, he was rescued by a passing boat crew. This was his introduction to the song, “He Pilots My Ship.”
He continued with, “I Keep Falling In Love With Him," “Just a Little Walk With Jesus” and “God is Real.”
Church of God Youth Pastor Scott Smith and wife Cristi brought their little son, 10-month-old Elijah, to the delight of everyone.
We also received a surprise when Cristi sang, “Blessings.” All their presentations were outstanding, and received much applause. We hope they can join us again sometime.
With Easter approaching, Brown stated, “This is a special time to note that Jesus died on the cross and rose for us, so we could have eternal life.”
Pinochle players, John Hunsley and Ruth Ann Scott bested Shirley Locke and Mary Woolsey, two games to one.
Scheduled for next week are: the Rev. Jim Fackler, leader and scripture; Donna Smith, piano; Edith Elliott, writer; and Tom and Tyler Sutton, special entertainment.
My final note is an HCE booklet quote: “We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it.”
CARPE DIEM (seize the day).