Evergreen Outreach

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By The Staff

By Pat Rhodes
 In my Evergreen Outreach article last month, I believe I was complaining about all of the rain we were having. Don’t you wish we could have a little of that rain now? Every time I am out in the heat, I thank God that I can go home to a cool house.
The heat forced us to meet at Fayette County Long Term Care on Monday. The Evergreen Outreach leaders decided that it was too hot to take all of the residents out in the buses. We had a great crowd in the dining room there. Our friends from FAYCO and Sweetbriar braved the weather to join us. The volunteers distributed the delicious zucchini bread and cookies baked for us by Mary Fulton.
We had several visitors on Monday, one being my sister, Jane, who is visiting with us for a few days. Patty Sprague brought her grandsons, Kasten, Bryten and Corten, and her daughter, Tabitha.
Beverly Hood welcomed everyone to Evergreen Outreach, and led us in the "Welcome" and "Evergreen" songs. Next,  she recognized the birthday people of the week: Sandy Boegle, Angela Ondes and John Bollinger. We then sang "Happy Birthday" to these folks.
Carl Rhodes, minister at Northside Christian Church, gave the devotion from I Corinthians 1:17-18: "For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel -– not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power. For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God."
Too often, in our churches today, we try to “soften” the message of the cross. We only think of the cross as a piece of jewelry or as an ornament to be placed on our walls. In doing so, we take our focus off the real message of the cross of Christ.
In verse 17, the apostle warns us against doing this – attempting to change the true message of the cross with “words of human wisdom.” He then reminds us of the message, (translated from the Greek word “logos”) – that is, the doctrine of the cross, may sound like foolishness to those who refuse to accept Christ; but to those of us saved by it (Christians), the doctrine of the cross is the “power of God!” The word power is translated from the Greek word “dunamis” – from which we get the word “dynamite” in English. In other words, look upon the cross for its true meaning – by God’s “dynamite” power we are saved because of Christ’s death upon it!
We were blessed to have Greg Starnes with us to play his guitar and sing. He began with “I Believe in Music,” followed by “Country Road,” “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?” and “Mrs. Robinson.” When he got to “How Great Thou Art,” the guests began to sing along. What a beautiful sound. He  finished with an old favorite, “Grandma’s Featherbed.”
Next, Brad Elmore shared his gift of music with us, playing “Because He Lives” and “Amazing Grace" on the piano. When he was finished, Randy Schukar played “When I Close My Eyes” by Kenny Chesney. He told us that this song was his dad’s favorite. There are so many talented people in Vandalia.
The pinochle players had the Long Term Care Activity Room all to themselves on Monday. John Hunsley and Peggy Lippold won two games, while Rosamund Hobler and Mary Woolsey had one win.