Evergreen Outreach

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By The Staff

By Mary Woolsey
We were back at Vandalia Long Term Care for Evergreen Outreach this week. It was a very hot day, with temperatures soaring near 100 degrees.
However, the heat did not keep a group from FAYCO or those in attendance from the Long Term Care facility from coming and having fun.
Phyllis Thoman’s music was being enjoyed as the room began to fill with the many guests. She played lovely songs, such as, “It Is No Secret.”
Cookies, prepared by Sharon Mueller and Sherry Schneider, were soon passed around, followed by a drink of iced tea or water.
Birthdays from July 11-17 were: Edith Simmons, Wilma Tackett, Jodi Veteto, Corey Elam, Barb Lero, Brenda Swiecicke, Ryan Hunter and the mother of Bob Varga, Helen Varga, who was 97 years old on July 10. Thank you for coming to hear Judy and Randy sing.
The Rev. Jim Fackler, with the vocal help of Erna Wasmuth, led in the “Welcome" and "EO” songs.
Fackler said that he and his wife loved going to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis to see the beautiful flowers of all colors and sizes. The flowers had come from seeds and bulbs, and grew into all kinds of beauty.
He said that Jesus was like a seed. If you put your life into his hands, you will begin to grow – producing seeds of love, patience, kindness, goodness and other wonderful attributes.
Jesus told his disciples to sew his seeds, so beauty would be in the entire world. Thank you, pastor, for the message and prayer.
Judy Varga began by singing, “Lord Is The Maker Of Us All” to her mother-in-law. It was a beautiful piece of music that says that whether we are losers or winners, or saints or sinners, the Lord made us all.
You would have needed to be at Evergreen Outreach to witness the fun and fellowship that continued. Randy Schukar sang, “Ring of Fire,” “Heartache By The Numbers” and “Elvira.”
Erna Wasmuth “floated" over to Brad Elmore – I told you that you would have to be there – and they began to dance.
Soon, several others, who happen to be in wheelchairs, including Stan Oldham and Margie Thompson, came onto the floor and began dancing with the volunteers, Janice Edwards, Jeannie Schlicht, Bob Varga and Phyllis Rames. The smiles on their faces were wonderful! It was a special moment.
Again, Judy began to sing, “Do The Locomotion,” “Rockin Robin” and the “Chicken Dance.” A line of 15 happy people moved around the room to the beat of the music. Then Judy did Brad Elmore’s favorite, “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”
Fackler gave us a closing thought and we sang, “God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again.”
Finally, Randy sang, “I Believe,” which includes the following words: "I know what Jesus did for me when he saved me." I would love to hear that song again!
Brad Elmore stood and said that he had so much fun, and that Evergreen Outreach means so much to him. I know others agree.
Next week, July 18, Beverly Hood will be the leader, the Rev. Carl Rhodes will give devotions, Sandy Dothager will be the pianist, Pat Rhodes will be the writer and Greg Starnes will be the special entertainment.
EO will again be held at LTC.