Evergreen Outreach

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By Dr. Melanie Schaafsma
Monday at Evergreen Outreach, we began and ended with music!
Pam Childers played “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” “Bye Bye Blackbird,” and “Bring Back My Bonnie” on the piano.
We were happy to see Inge Compton back from Florida for a visit. Inge was a volunteer here at Evergreen Outreach. She played the piano and accordion for Evergreen guests for 20 years before moving to Florida.  We were also happy to see that Dr. Rames returned on Monday to Evergreen. Welcome back, Dr. Rames!
Beulah Brown was the leader,  and began the proceedings with the "Welcome" song, followed by the "Outreach" song. Word boards held up at the front of the room helped us all remember the words, as everyone sang along.
Beulah announced the November birthdays.  They are:  Vernon Graff and Ethyl Hoffman (1), Charlie Brown (2), Inge Compton (5), Kenneth Brown (6) and Heather Brown (7). Cookies were provided by Audrey Fink and Cindy Hunter.  Thanks to you both for the delectable sweets!
We were totally and completely entertained by the Heartland Honeys, who came to us from Farina. The members of this dance troupe are Jeanette Dippold, Carol Case, Ann Robinson, Ronda DuBridge, Robin Rutland and Gwendolyn Ware. Monday was their 300th show! They began performing on Dec. 10, 2002, so 300 shows in less than eight years is quite a triumph. Gwendolyn, the group’s leader, reported that among those performing today, she, Jeanette and Carol are original members. The group has performed from Decatur to Mt. Vernon, and has done birthday parties, Christmas parties, a political rally and dances at nursing homes.
Their costumes were black velvet pants, white shirts, black ties and red sequined vests. They danced to “Swing the Mood,” “Bugle Boy” (the audience said their headbands were adorable), “See You Later Alligator” (everyone sang along), “I’m from the Country,” “If the Devil Danced (In My Empty Pockets),” a patriotic medley, in which they wore sequined, red, white and blue striped Uncle Sam hats, and the "Chicken Dance" (which had half of the crowd on their feet dancing).
Gwendolyn thanked all of the veterans who have kept and are still keeping us free right before the patriotic medley. It ended with a slam-bam finish – with all of the dancers in a row doing kicks, Rockette-style!  We noticed that Kenny Brown “sang” along quite well with the patriotic songs on his kazoo!  They tell me he can sing the entire national anthem, too!
Beulah announced that we had visitors today from Laureate Beta Beta. They were:  Cara Kelly, Jeanne Hohlt, Peg Dees, Sandy Leidner, Willie Stroble, Audrey Fink and Sara Clark.  They participated in the "Chicken Dance"  and appeared to have a great time!
At our pinochle tables were Shirley Locke and Joyce Mueller, who had one game to Ruth Ann Scott and Mary Woolsey's one game. At the other table,  Rosamund Hobler and Peggy Lippold won no games, while  John Hunsley and Wolf Schlicht won three games.
In lieu of the Rev. Joe Lawson’s message, Phyllis Rames talked about a word that is repeated in the New Testament over and over again. That word starts with an “L.” The crowd shouted “Love!” Phyllis said that they were right.
“We love the people who performed, we love the people across from us and we love all of the volunteers.” Those volunteers are so vital for Evergreen Outreach to exist and continue.  She went on, “God’s love goes all around the world.”
Beulah introduced Inge Compton, saying that it is love that brought her back for a visit to us. Inge played “Red Wings” on the piano.  She then played a song especially for Dr. Rames called “Edelweiss.” It is from the "Sound of Music." It brought a smile to his face and a twinkle in his eye. She closed by playing the Tennessee Waltz.
What a beautiful hour was spent here at the First United Methodist Church at Evergreen Outreach!