Diveley learns benefits of a good diet and exercise

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By Panzi Blackwell

Faye “DeeDee” Diveley recently celebrated her 40th anniversary of serving others through her work at Fayette County Hospital and Long Term Care. She worked a brief time as an aide, when she was very young, then as an LPN.

A unique, interesting and entertaining personality, DeeDee has provided good physical care for her patients, as well as giving their morale a boost with her sense of humor and practical, caring and generous nature.

Having worked for so many years in health care, she personally practices what she has learned over the years – good diet and exercise.

She has long advocated walking for exercise, and has also added the benefits of working out regularly at a fitness center. Her own experiences with her weight have led her to take living a healthful lifestyle very seriously.

As a recent guest at a Golden Years Club meeting in Brownstown, she introduced her two new walking companions, which she calls “Mutt” and “Jeff,” and shared her successful routine for keeping in good condition.

DeeDeeDiveley has long been a colorful, talkative and friendly personality, whether she is describing the growth and contents of her larger-than-life compost pile or the observance and love of “river bottom” nature and wildlife, or sharing her endless supply of jokes.

She may also be giving you her good-natured description of how she, as an “unclaimed blessing,” looks forward to every Leap Year, when she goes “hunting “ for a man with her shotgun, but with no results.

These characteristics – blended with a practical and sensible attitude and knowledge – make her truly a unique person. Thus, when she suddenly began talking about her new walking companions, “Mutt” and “Jeff,” it naturally led to the speculation of “Who are these guys?”

At the Golden Years Club meeting, she put to rest any rumors and speculation, and explained the addition of her two new friends into her lifestyle. They were her gift to herself for her 40th anniversary with the hospital and LTC.

Introducing …

“Mutt and Jeff are my walking sticks – they are called ‘Exerstriders,’” she said.

“In the February issue of the Reader’s Digest, there was an article, ‘The Weight of the World,’ about the many people in the world who are overweight.

It told about different countries and their dietary essentials, etc. In one corner was a little deer that had broken off an anther and was walking with it. They call that “Nordic walking,’” she said.

“I went out and picked up a Prevention magazine, and they had a big article on these Exerstrider sticks.”

She obtained more information and ordered them for herself.

“You tell them how tall you are, and the sticks are gauged to your height.”

DeeDee’s poles are non-adjustable, but adjustable ones are also available, so others may use them, or for travel.  They resemble ski poles, but have varied, rubber “booties,” with tips appropriate for different terrains.

DeeDee is faithful to her routine. “Three days a week, when I get off work, I go to the Zone and lift weights, then go home and walk two miles.

“On my days off, I try to walk two miles in the morning and two miles at night. So this year, I have 90 miles in already,” she said.

“In 2008, I walked 330 miles, and last year I walked 526 miles. At the Zone,, her workout includes leg curls, leg extenders, lateral raises, chest cross. arm extenders and lateral pull-downs.

“Walking with Mutt and Jeff, I can tell it from my knees to my shoulder,” she said. “ I haven’t lost that much weight, but it has toned me up.”

The Exerstrider poles give a real workout. “You walk with them right behind your heel, not in front of you. Sometimes I get tired and I just pick them up, and carry them the rest of the way,” she said.

Other Enjoyments While Walking

DeeDee has other companions while walking.

“Poor old Scrappy (a Springer spaniel) is Jeremy Durbin’s dog, and he joins me on my walks,” she said.

“I changed my lifestyle in October 2007, and it was either do or die,” she said. “I could work all night long, and it was all I could do to walk out of that nursing home, come home and fall in bed.”

Her Walking Shoes Headed for Relay for Life

She reports that she now feels much better, has been able to drop some medication and her heart rate is much better, plus she enjoys nature while she walks.

“It makes you more steady on you feet, and it is said that exercise and losing weight will cut down on your chances for breast cancer.

“I have days in for the Relay for Life  on June 5-6 . I’m going to take my walking shoes and go down and play around there for two days,” she said.

LPN DeeDee’s Prescription

 “Walking is the cheapest exercise there is,” DeeDee said. “All you need is a good pair of shoes.”

And her walking buddies, Mutt and Jeff, the Exerstriders poles, have given added benefits to the treks.

For more information about the Exerstrider poles, DeeDee said to call 1-888-285-7392 and ask for Jan.