County to tighten its policies

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By Rich Bauer, Managing Editor

He didn’t go into detail on the reasons for them, but the chairman of the Fayette County Board said on Tuesday that the board will be looking at changes to the policies and procedures for the county and its employees.
At the close of Tuesday’s board meeting, Knebel said, “This board needs to look at the procedures of this county,” he said. “The way it’s been run the past several years … it’s pretty lax.
“We’ve let some things go that shouldn’t have been let go. I have vowed, that for the next year and a half, to look into this.
“We are going to make some policies, some expectations of what should come from our department heads and their offices,” Knebel said.
“If they choose not to respect them, there will be consequences,” he said.
“I’ve gotten way to many complaints and phone calls, and I’m tired of it,” Knebel said.
“Keep in mind,” he told board members and department heads in the audience, “our only recourse is budgets, but we can have expectations.
“I think we need to look at the overall operations of the county and have those expectations on paper,” Knebel said.
“I will need help,” he said, “I will spearhead it, but I want help, I want ideas.”
Knebel said that the personnel committee will work with legal counsel on going into greater detail in the personnel manual.
“It was upgraded several years ago, but it needs upgraded and it needs more details.
“The department heads do a fine job with personnel; there are some other issues there that need to be addressed.
“I think it is our obligation to our taxpayers that our elected officials operate a certain way,” Knebel said.
He said it is board members’ obligation “to keep this county running efficiently with the best resources we can.
“We didn’t take this job to make friends, we took it to ado the right thing,” he said.
In an overall assessment of the county, Knebel said, “A lot of it’s good; some of it needs to be looked at.”