Congrats to the class of 2010!

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By Dave Bell

As area high school seniors prepare to close out their high school days, we offer our congratulations – and we urge them on to even greater accomplishments.

Graduating from high school is a great thing, a milestone to be celebrated. Along the way, many area students have distinguished themselves in the classroom, as well as by excelling in extracurricular activities and in the athletic arena. Those activities produce learning opportunities that can’t be duplicated in the classroom.

Yet, much of the learning still lies ahead for our graduates in the class of 2010.

Whether they’re headed to college, to the military or directly to a job, these graduates must consider learning a life-long process. Maintaining the status quo isn’t enough. In today’s technical world, a person who isn’t moving ahead is falling behind.

In the upcoming days, many of our top graduates will be addressing their peers – reminiscing about their high school years and urging them to embrace the future ahead. Listen to their hopes and dreams. Hear what they’re thinking and learn where they’re heading. 

As the families, friends and communities of these graduates, we hold some measure of responsibility for being involved in their lives. With a host of people encouraging them and being involved in their launch, the graduates’ chances of success will be enhanced.

Congratulations Class of 2010! Take on the challenges in front of you. We’ve got your back.