Common sense approach missing

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I’m writing in response/support of Mark Luster’s letter regarding the incident with his daughter.  As a graduate of Ramsey High School, I find it very upsetting and disheartening to learn that common sense has been thrown out in favor of liberal ideologies that were formerly unheard of in this part of the country.
When I attended school, it was commonplace for there to be several student vehicles containing firearms on school grounds without much ado.  At one time,   I recall a truck had a cased long gun in a rear window rack, which Principal Philpot handled by asking the student to remove the gun from the window. No disciplinary hearings were held and no suspensions served.
A varmint/pest hunting contest was actually held as a school club function after school.
Now an honor roll student is suspended and her educational record tarnished for unmaliciously and unknowingly bringing a knife to school?
What has happened to cause things to change this much?
Mike Frost