Committee hosts job shadowing event

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The Transition Planning Committee of the Bond/Fayette region hosted a job shadowing event in honor of the national day of disability awareness, Disability Mentoring Day.
Thirty-two high school students from each of the six school districts – Greenville, Mulberry Grove, Vandalia, Ramsey, Brownstown and St. Elmo participated in the event.
Students chose one job site to tour and listen to business owners and community leaders describe their career choice and the qualities they look for when hiring employees.
Students and chaperons met at Days Inn for breakfast and were then shuttled to various businesses in Vandalia for a morning of job shadowing.
After lunch, which was provided through donations from the STEP grant and OFA/CILA of Effingham, students listened to presentations from Denise Jones, DHS/DRS rehabilitation counselor; Sandra Neabuhr, Disability Support Services of Kaskaskia College; and Melody Lilly of CEFS.
Businesses that allowed students to tour their place of employment were McDowell’s Service, Los Amigos, Computer Sharks, Wal-Mart and Heaton-Heistand Veterinary Hospital. Sheriff Aaron Lay also allowed students to tour the sheriff’s office and courthouse.
On average, students with educational disabilities are more likely to be underemployed or unemployed upon graduation from high school.
Transition planning in high school helps students develop their own path for success in the adult world, while linking students and families with valuable adult service agencies.
Job shadowing opportunities and community mentors also provide students with information they need to better prepare themselves for a successful transition from high school to the adult world.
Anyone who would be willing to allow high school students shadow them and their place of business, or be willing to speak to students in the high schools, may contact the Transition Planning Committee chairperson at 283-4797.