City wrong to deny church in old Rural King building

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The city of Vandalia has done it again. Made another mistake, that is, by turning down the move of First Assembly of God Church to the old Rural King building.
With the present job growth (none), the present business growth (very little) and at a time when we need God more than ever, they have stopped the church from moving.
What really says it all is that if it had been a place of hard spirits instead of the Holy Spirit, they wouldn't have had to even take a vote. Does anyone see any humor in this?
Stop and think. A large church in that area would mean that a lot of church-going people would be going by all of the other businesses to go to and from church. Don't you think that they just might stop to buy lunch after church, or even go by Rural King or other stores in the same area?
But I don't think the city thinks of anything but its billfold.
It is time to turn our country back to God, and get him back in our hearts and minds. He still loves all of us, and he is ready for us to call on him.
Let us not turn down a chance to show other towns and cities that Vandalia is, indeed, a city that worships God and not money.

Robert W. Ritchey