Check your smoke detectors!

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By Rich Bauer, Managing Editor

All of us can’t depend on someone like Larry Peyton driving by at the right time; therefore, we need to make sure that we have smoke detectors in our homes … and that they’re working.

Peyton was driving by Washburn Trailer Court at Vandalia Lake early Saturday morning when he noticed smoke coming from one of the mobile homes. As the residents heard Peyton pounding on the door, they noticed that their smoke detector was beeping, giving them time to get outside safely.

We try to remember to check the batteries in our smoke detectors during the time change in both the spring and fall. If you didn’t do that a few weeks ago, do so now.

Saturday’s fire was a reminder of how smoke detectors can be lifesaving devices, especially when we’re asleep at night. We ask that you heed that reminder.

And we thank people like Peyton who get involved when they see a need.