Calm election day in Fayette County

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By Rich Bauer, Managing Editor

Illinois residents were still waiting on Wednesday to see who had won the state’s gubernatorial race. In Fayette County, however, there was no suspense on the evening of Tuesday’s general election, with only one local contest on the ballot.
That contest was in Fayette County Board District 1, where Democrat incumbent Loy Staff defeated Republican challenger David Challans.
Of the county’s 15,406 registered voters, 6,889 (44.72 percent) turned out for Tuesday’s general election, according to County Clerk and Recorder Terri D. Braun, the local election official.
Vote totals from Tuesday evening do not become official until a canvass of all votes is completed this week.
All of the Fayette County office holders on the ballot won re-election without any opposition.
Braun, a Democrat, received 5,848 votes in winning a third term in that position.
Treasurer Rose Hoover, also a Democrat, received 5,870 votes in being elected to a fourth term.
Republican Aaron Lay was elected to a second term as sheriff, receiving 6,010 votes, and Supervisor of Assessments Cindi Lotz, also a Republican, received 6,053 votes in being elected to a fifth term.
Mark A. Drone, the regional superintendent of schools for Bond, Fayette and Effingham counties, received 4,720 votes in Fayette County in winning re-election.
At the Fayette County Board level, the GOP retained control of the board, with five Republicans being elected on Tuesday. The Republicans hold a 9-5 majority.
In District 1, Staff received almost 60 percent of the vote in defeating Challans, 434-300.
Republican Jeffrey Beckman received 844 votes to retain his District 2 seat, and Democrat Glen Daniels won re-election in District 3, with 914 votes. Both were unopposed.
In District 4, Dean Bernhardt was retained, with 786 votes, and in District 5, Darrell Schaal also won re-election, with 854 votes. Both were unopposed.
Republican Glenn L. Gurtner won the District 6 seat currently held by Republican Greg Fulk, who did not seek re-election. Gurtner received 883 votes.
In District 7, Republican Wade Wilhour is believed to have won election to the seat to which he was appointed earlier this year. Wilhour received 932 votes.
Doug Durbin was a write-in candidate in District 7, but vote totals for him were unavailable until a canvass of Tuesday’s votes could be completed.
In addition to those winning seats on Tuesday, the county board consists of Democrat Jean Finley in District 1, Democrat John Daniels Jr. in District 2, Republican Steve Knebel in District 3, Republican Brian Kinney in District 4, Republican Keith Cole in District 5, Democrat Joe Kelly in District 6 and Republican Troy Pattillo in District 7.
Knebel currently serves as board chairman, and Beckman is the vice chairman.
At the regional level, Republican Kyle McCarter defeated Democrat Tim Dudley to win election to the 51st District seat in the Illinois Senate to which he was appointed following the resignation of Republican Frank Watson last year.
Republican Ron Stephens won re-election to the 102nd District in the Illinois House of Representatives, defeating Independent Deena Dailey.
Fayette County vote totals in other races are as follows:
U.S. Senator – 6-year term
Mark Kirk (R), 4,569
Alexi Giannoulias (D), 1,711
LeAlan Jones (Green), 219
U.S. Senator – 2-year unexpired term
Kirk, 4,295
Giannoulias, 1,678
Jones, 270
Governor/Lieutenant Gov.
Bill Brady/Jason Plummer (R), 4,673
Pat Quinn/Sheila Simon (D), 1,598
Rich Whitney/Don Crawford (G), 203
Attorney General
Steve Kim (R), 3,579
Lisa Madigan (D), 2,817
Secretary of State
Robert Enriquez (R), 3023
Jesse White (D), 3,423
Judy Baar Topinka (R), 4,395
David E. Miller (D), 1,861
State Treasurer
Dan Rutherford (R), 4,313
Robin Kelly (D), 2,002
U.S. Representative-17th District
Bobby Schilling (R), 366
Phil Hare (D), 272
U.S. Representative-19th District
John Shimkus (R), 4,495
Tim Bagwell (D), 1,559
State Senator-49th District
William “Sam” McCann (R), 337
Deanna Demuzio (D), 315
State Senator-51st District, unexpired term
Kyle McCarter (R), 3,953
Tim Dudley (D), 1,878
State Rep.-98th District
Wayne Rosenthal (R), 372
Charles Landers (D), 271
State Rep.-102nd District
Ron Stephens (R), 4,154
Deena Dailey (I), 1,445
State Rep.-107th District
John Cavaletto (R), 139
Joshua Qualls (D), 86
Circuit Judge
Douglas L. Jarman (R), 4,141
Michelle Coady (D), 2,199
Circuit Judge
Mike McHaney (D), 4,881
No Republican Candidate
 Judicial Retention Votes
Thomas M. Welch – Yes, 3,772; and no, 1,984.
Michael P. Kiley – Yes, 3,821; and no, 1,960.
Kelly D. Long – Yes, 3,768; and no, 1,897.
Wm. Robin Todd – Yes, 3,799; and no, 1,879.
Constitutional Amendment for Recall of a Governor
Yes, 3,850
No, 2,315