Brownstown-Sefton News Nov. 4, 2010

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By The Staff

Pricey Doing Well
   In answer to inquiries, Pricey, the Great Pyrnese who was recently so very ill, is doing well. She and her mother, Bertha, are sharing nightly guard duty again, and we’ve noticed that when they nap in the daytime, they lie up against each other on their side of the fence.
   Pricey’s new winter coat is looking more like Bertha’s – beautifully white, thick, and wavy. Although they are both full-blooded, their personalities and mannerisms are different.  
   We give them big, square doggie treats (which we call ‘cookies’). We began by giving them one apiece. Then we noticed Bertha put hers down and stood, waiting for another one. After we give her a second one, she eats both of them. She developed this routine herself.
   Pricey, on the other hand, would rather be petted than eat and she won’t take the treat until we pet her. She is so full of love and devotion for us. It shows in her eyes, her body language, and her wagging tail when she sees us. .
   Bertha likes to be petted also, but she is more reserved and it is obvious that she would rather eat if there is a choice...They are enjoying this cooler weather, as are the barn critters, who are also putting on their winter coats.  
This Saturday! Golden Years Club Annual Homemade Soup   Dinner & Bazaar
Saturday, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.  – Homemade vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup and chili will be served, along with dessert and drink.
The cost is: adults (age 13-adult), $5; children (6-12 years),  $2; and children under age 6-free.
Carry-outs will be available: quart of soup-$4 (with piece of pie-$5; and pint of soup-$2.50 (with piece of pie-$4).
Crafters and other sales items needed. Rent a table-$5.
Call Donnie Smail at 427-3817 or Charlie Reece at 427-3769.
Fall Revival Nov. 5-7…
…At the Brownstown Christian Church. The speaker is Tommy Oaks, with music by John Thomas Oaks. Friday at 7:00 p.m.-preaching service, with finger food fellowship to follow; Saturday at 9:30 a.m.-Saturday morning workout, with snacks and drinks to follow at Club BFCC; Saturday at 7 p.m.-preaching service, with “pie night” fellowship to follow; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.-preaching service, with an all-church carry-in potluck meal to follow; and Sunday at 6 p.m.-“Star Queen” a musical comedy of  Esther’s Story. Intermission snacks.
The Golden Years Club …
…has long been, and continues to be, a supporter of the community, providing monetary donations to causes/projects such as post prom, Caring & Sharing, etc.
The club always responds in a generous and willing fashion to requests for providing desserts for benefits and other community projects.
The building, which includes a large dining area with tables and chairs, a roomy kitchen equipped with appliances, utensils, air and heating, restrooms, etc., is also available for family reunions, birthday, graduation and wedding anniversary celebrations, showers, etc., for a minimal amount.
The Golden Years Club is not funded in any way by the government and depends solely on donations and the club fund-raisers to cover the costs of utilities, repairs, and maintenance of the building.
The club and their building are assets to the community. This fundraiser provides delicious, nutritious, homemade soups and desserts (for a minimal amount), gives you an opportunity to display and sell your crafts and other items by renting a table (again for a minimal amount) and a chance to do some early holiday shopping.
Your attendance at the Golden Years annual soup dinner and bazaar Saturday will contribute to the upcoming winter costs. The Golden Years Club supports the community when needed, and it needs the community’s moral support. Please, take a few minutes and stop by for a nutritious, hot lunch with friends and neighbors.
• Nov. 12-13-Large Book Sale/Country Store at the Golden Years Club Building.
Books (collected from the public) for everyone will be available – inspirational, romance, western, cookbooks, fiction, mysteries, movies, etc.
Also to be sold are handmade potholders and dishcloths (makes nice gifts), and used purses.  Hours from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday at the Golden Years building, corner of First & Division. Sponsored by Brownstown Branch Library Friends.
Our Sympathies to…
…the family and friends of Monda Kimberlin, who died last week at the age of 87.
She was a life-long native of Brownstown, and her children have long been contributors and participants in the Brownstown community. She was a familiar face in Brownstown and in son Mark’s Café, and many have enjoyed her cooking and pie-baking over the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Coming & Going
Bonnie and Louis Have
Belated 65th Celebration
Louis and Bonnie Haslett enjoyed a belated 65th anniversary party.
Steve and Charlene Case held a 65th anniversary wiener roast and hayride for their parents at their home in Moweaqua.  
All of their children were present, except Larry and Libby Haslett from Columbus, Ga., who were unable to come, but will come at a later date.
Many of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren were able to come to the party. Many of their great-grandchildren, whom they had not seen for quite a while, were there.
A grand time was had by all. They played on a trampoline, rode on three-wheelers and went on along on the hayride. Grandpa Louis and grandma Bonnie went along on the hayride after the kids managed to get them on the wagon.
There was a large attendance and all reported that they had a good time and plenty of good food. Charlene had a bakery decorate a “happy anniversary” cake for the honored couple.
The children gave them two matching sweatshirt “hoodies,” on which Charlene had embroidered “King Louie” and “Queen Bonnie.” It was a night to be remembered by Louie and Bonnie.
Golden Years Club
Thirty-two members and guests gathered Tuesday, Oct. 26, for their potluck dinner and business meeting. The club president, Charlie Reece, welcomed those present and recognized the October birthdays and asked the blessing for the meal.
Following the completion of the kitchen cleanup detail, Reece called the meeting to order. Treasurer Donny Smail gave the financial report, with all bills paid, and the ending balance. He reported that the club received a generous donation from Bill Voison. A thank-you card was signed for Voison by all present.
The members discussed and planned the annual soup dinner and bazaar fundraiser.
Lucille’s Family Happenings
Last week, Lucille and her family began their family holiday traditions with getting together and making Baklava (yum), a tasty delicacy which the family togetherness makes only that much sweeter.
Lucille’s “Farther-Away” Virginia Family Visits
Lucille Fisher’s son, Woody and Marilyn Fisher, arrived at Lucille’s from their home in Amelia, Virginia, last week along with Lucille’s granddaughter Shannon Smith and children. Rachael and Matthew. from Salem, Virginia.
The family gathered at the home of  Helen Klitzing’s for supper Saturday evening.  Present were Lucille, Maria, Klitzing and children, Kathy Klitzing, Bill Klitzing, Andy Klitzing, Shannon, Rachel and Matthew Smith, and Woody and Marilyn Fisher.
Lucille shared that Sharon home-schools the children, so they had school every morning. Lucille was amazed (and rather dismayed) to learn that 6-year-old Rachel already knows about the Magna Carta, what it means and even the year it was signed. However, the lessons and material are provided to Shannon  and have to be approved by the state, according to the laws. “They teach so much these days. It just seems that they are filling those little heads too full,” Lucille said.
   The days of making colorful construction paper chains and lanterns, playing “Upset the Fruit Basket,” jacks and hop- scotch, carefully-taught penmanship, and the little paperback, brown spelling books seem to be left behind. Let’s hope fun and games and innocent, stress-free childhoods aren’t.
Mayor Gottman Visits Fayette County HCE Board Meeting
The Fayette County Home and Community Education Board met Monday, Oct. 25, in the U of I Extension Office at Vandalia. President Flo Allen called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and led the pledge to the American flag.
Twelve members present for the roll call were: Dorothy Harpster, St. Peter; Irene Reed, Wright’s Corner; Anita Smith, Vandalia Day; Joyce Moore, Wheatland; Flo Allen, Shirley Klitzing, Phyllis Pryor; Panzi Blackwell, Sefton; and members at large-Carol Oldham, Sefton; Karen Denning, St. Elmo; Evelyn Probst, Bingham/Ramsey; and Karen Hyde, Wheatland.
In observance of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” most attendees were dressed in pink and a pink candle was lighted.
On display were 47 dresses the units have made for the “Little Dresses for Africa” project.
An honorable mention was given to Nancy Shipman, a resident of Brookstone Estates, who is contributing generously to the project with her skill as a seamstress.
Vandalia’s Mayor Ricky Gottman made a brief visit, viewing the dresses and commenting on the good works the Fayette County Home and Community Education accomplishes for others.
County Extension Director  Ginger Boas visited the meeting and made the announcement that, due to the reorganization which is in progress, she will be transferring to Champaign to fill the office there on Nov. 1.
Boas said that the districts will not be staying the same, but will be sharing and working together.
She said that there is some uncertainty about lesson deliveries at this time, and that lessons must be up to the standards of the university.
Boas expressed a positive feeling about the future of IAHCE. She introduced Rachelle Hollinshead of Vandalia as her replacement, who will also begin on Nov. 1, listed some of her qualifications and experience.
Hollinshead said she was looking forward to working with Fayette County HCE.
Continuing with the meeting, Allen again noted the need for a secretary, and shared the possibility that the previous secretary, Mary Smith, who had resigned the post, may reconsider and fill the office again. Smith, who had been unavoidably detained, arrived at the meeting later and agreed to again fill the position of the board secretary.
Allen told of the proclamation signed by the Mayor Ricky Gottman of Vandalia, recognizing the week of Oct. 10-16 as Illinois Association for Home and Community Education Week. The attractive proclamation is on display in the Extension office.
Dorothy Harpster, treasurer, gave the club’s financial report, which remained the same as the previous month report, as there has no financial activity.
The first vice president, Phyllis Pryor, shared excerpts from a letter received from District 6 Director Debbie Borries. Among the letter content Pryor mentioned was the packet of information about the IAHCE annual conference, to come to county presidents in December.
Referring to the same letter, Allen noted the requests by Borries of the following: to send a list of county officers; the request for the county calendars information; request for a list of this year’s and next year’s lessons for the county; noted that the County of the Year forms 2010 are due to the IAHCE state president by Jan. 31, with the theme “Unmasking the Possibilities” used in activities, and of the need to check for copyrighted poems and information used for newsletters and lessons.
Anita Smith, community outreach director, gave a report and information on the Christmas cards for the military project. Smith also stated the gift card fundraiser is a project of the county HCE, not just of the Sefton Unit, as unintentionally printed previously.
Culture Enrichment Director Shirley Klitzing announced the 2011 “Get Acquainted Day” will be held April 14 at the Golden Years Club building in Brownstown.
Shirley Klitzing dispensed raffle tickets for the $100 Wal-Mart gift card fundraiser. The drawing will be held Monday, Dec. 20, at the board Christmas party.
Allen reported on the Sefton Unit’s “Hobo Stew” meeting, for which several dressed as hobos. Each member brought two cans of vegetables, one for the stew pot and one for the food pantry.
A photo of the group of the “Sefton hobos” was displayed and Allen read an original poem, “Remembering the Hobo,” reminiscing those more simple times of long ago.
The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m., and all members present attended the past and present officers luncheon.
Winkler Hired As Sub/Extracurricular Bus Driver
Jodi Winkler was employed as a substitute/extra curricular bus driver pending completion of requirements during the Brownstown Board of Education meeting in regular session on Wednesday, Oct. 20.
Approval was given for the following: grant application from the Illinois State Lottery; Section 125 Plan renewal; Interagency agreement with Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services; audit report for the fiscal year 2010, as prepared by Mose, Yockey, Brown and Kull, LLC of Shelbyville; and fundraising and field trip requests.
The board was given an update on the Enhancing Education through technology grant, reviewed information on the proposed 1 percent sales tax increase, and were given a presentation on the school newspaper.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church
Pastor David Bigley welcomed those present for Sunday morning worship at the United Methodist Church. He received the announcements, prayer concerns, praises, birthdays and anniversaries.
Birthday greetings were sung for Jessica Fulk and Zachary Townsend. Jeffrey Kelly served as liturgist and acolyte. Kelly and Zachary Townsend received and presented the tithes and offerings. Jenna Townsend and Jessica Fulk led children’s worship and fellowship. Flo Allen led the adult class.
Note: Last Sunday, Carol Severns, UMW president, presented Vernus Lytle with a special mission recognition pin, honoring her for serving as UMW treasurer and for all she does in the church.
•Thursday at 10 a.m.: Bible study at Brownstown UMC, with Jim Green as leader. First Thursday prayer and fasting.
•Xtreme Zone: (K-fifth grade), Wednesdays, 3:30-5 p.m. Needed-packaged snacks (chips, cookies, etc.) and Hawaiian punch or other juice jugs.
•Wednesday Night Lights (6-12th grades) Wednesdays at 6:23 p.m.
•Ladies-Beth Moore Study meet Thursdays at 6 p.m.
•Fall Revival with Tommy and John Thomas Oaks is Nov. 5-7. More info on bulletin board.
•”Taste of Heaven” cookbook will be available Sunday morning. Suggested donation-$12. All proceeds will go to building fund.
Fayette County HCE Holds Annual International Supper
   The Home and Community Education annual International Supper was held Thursday, Oct. 28, at the Phillips Building in St. Elmo.
Thirty-six HCE members and three guests were in attendance. All seven units (Bingham/Ramsey, Sefton, St. Elmo, St. Peter, Vandalia day, Wheatland, and Wright’s Corner) were represented.
   The tables were decorated in autumn colors and objects, thanks to Karen Denning of the St. Elmo Unit. The potluck serving tables were laden with food, including some dishes prepared from recipes from the featured country, Israel.
The FCHCE president, Flo Allen, welcomed everyone and asked the guest speaker, the  Rev. John Eisfelder, to ask the blessing for the meal.
   Following the meal, Marilyn Sproat introduced Eisfelder, pastor of First United Methodist Church of St. Elmo, who  gave a presentation on Israel, which he had visited.  Eisfelder gave an informational account of his trip to Israel. He told of the food, customs and gave many sidelights and little-known information on the people living there.
   He displayed colorful photographs of many sites mentioned in the Bible, with familiar-sounding names, such as the wailing Wall, the Dead Sea, the sea of Galilee, and the Synagogue where Jesus sat and taught.  An accomplished photographer, he took the pictures himself and, they, along with his commentary, seemed to give one the inclination to travel there.
First Christian Church
Oct. 24
   Dave and Liz Oberlink greeted the congregation of First Christian Church. Randy Watson and Steve Storm led the congregation in songs of praise, accompanied by drummer Mitchell Smith, flutist Kaitlyn Enlow, guitaristsv Chuck Enlow and Rick Cox, and pianist Robin Lovett.
   Robin Lovett contributed special music, followed by the message delivered by John Robinson. Terry Smith led the communion meditation and prayer. Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Barb Tackett; a.m. nursery-Marcia pemberton; toddler worship-Beth Tackett and Abby Enlow; and Don Lovett and Steve Storm-communion to shut-ins.