Brownstown-Sefton News Dec. 16, 2010

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By The Staff

By Panzi Blackwell

Antidote For Depression
(Bird Depression, That is)…
…and that antidote is the voice of Gene Autry singing Christmas songs.
We had noticed “Star,” the little white dove, seemed very subdued and inactive, unusual for her. She would look at us when we talked to her and turn her head when we said her name, but she seemed down in the dumps (bird talk for “depressed.”
While shopping recently, I actually ran across a CD of Gene Autry singing “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty, the Snowman,” “Up On the Housetop,” “Silent Night” and other Christmas songs. I immediately snatched it up for Star’s Christmas present. (Actually, no one else seemed interested in that particular CD).
I brought it home and put it on the player, and she immediately perked up, sat up straighter on her perch and kept moving her head as she listened.
For those too young to know, Gene Autry was one of the most popular (and maybe the first) of the “singing cowboys” when I was a kid.
He and his horse, “Champion,” always fought for law and order. He had integrity and was brave and very kind to all, except the outlaws, which he brought to justice unfailingly and without unnecessary violence or cussing. That was his character on screen.
I believe he was much like that in real life. He left the stardom of Hollywood to join the air force during World War II. He flew risky combat missions and was a decorated hero, which, to my knowledge, was never highly publicized.
While he was flying in the war, a newcomer named Roy Rogers and his horse, “Trigger,” took over to keep law and order in the west. He also became very popular and while he never served in the military, he became a role model for children, having the same moral standards as his idol, Gene Autry.
Star also likes to hear Roy Rogers, but probably her favorite is John Denver, another clean-cut ”hero.”
Snow Setback
My crutches are getting a little more maneuverability about them, but I’m a long way from running a race with them. However, as they don’t have snow- skid-free, tips on them and the walker, and wheelchairs don’t have snow tires on them, I am still slowed down to a snail’s pace.
Bill is still working and carrying on with taking care of the critters, in addition to cooking, dishes, running all the errands, pushing me around in the wheelchair to do our grocery shopping, etc., etc.
I am really missing seeing and petting my outside doggies, the Great Pyrnese , Pricey and Bertha, Smoky, the (adorable) little donkey, the little mini-horses, and even “the girls”: Fuzzy, Blackie, and Anita. They are sticking close together on the chicken roost now.
We are really enjoying the cards and calls from you all-including the ones that tell me I really need to slow down.  It is interesting, though; I really wasn’t hurrying when I fell.
A Tip of Santa Claus’
Hat to…
…Paul Willms, graduate of BCHS, who donated the Christmas tree to the village in honor of the Brownstown Fire Department.
And a Tip of Santa
Claus’ Hat to…
…Mr. and Mrs. Bill Voison, who also kindly and generously remember Bill’s days in Brownstown as a youth.
•School band concert-Monday at 7 p.m.
Golden Years Club
Christmas Dinner Date Change
Due to the weather, the Golden Years Club Christmas gathering was canceled on Tuesday and rescheduled for next Tuesday.
Christmas Vacation for Brownstown Schools…
…will begin on Dec. 22 at 1:50 p.m. School resumes on Jan. 4.
Christmas Eve Service
•First Christian and Liberty Christian at Liberty Christian at 6 p.m. Michael Watson will speak.
December Celebrations
Birthdays: Josh Robison, Craig Daughtery, Andrew Grull, Jeffrey Kelly Jr., Don Holding, Rebecca Evans, David Bigley, J.C. Moore, Amber Bruno and Jim Green.
Anniversaries: Brad and Anita Holman; Ed and Lou Goldsborough; and Jim and Connie Green.
Phone Call From Iowa
One day this week, I received a telephone call from Iowa City, Iowa! Mrs. Eleanor (Stapp) Slitz, who was originally from this area, had read in the paper that I had broken my ankle and called to say that she had a similar accident last year, also about a week after Thanksgiving.
She is not walking on her own yet, but she had a much worse injury that I did.
She said her husband, Harold, also had to take over the household chores and that they ate a lot of “heat and eat” meals (microwave dinners) and “doorbell dinners” (Meals on Wheels).
She said she had relatives in the Brownstown and Vandalia areas. Her father was Gordon Stapp and her aunt was Rachel Stapp, who taught school for many years. (Note: I recall featuring her in a Fayette Faces story once.)
Mrs. Slitz had a bachelor’s degree in nursing administration and loved her work. (Note: I believe it is her niece, Mrs. Ruth Elaine (Miller) Hellman, formerly of Vandalia township, a Vandalia High School student, and daughter of Hiram and Goldia Miller, was selected as National R.N. of the Year a few yeas ago. Elaine is also my cousin.
Mrs. Slitz attended Vandalia High School and recalled some of her old classmates.
We had a very interesting, entertaining conversation, and I really appreciate her taking the time to call me.
Coming & Going
Florida Residents Visit Area
Larry and Jan Miller of Ocala, Fla., visited a week in the area with family and friends. Barry Miller, Dan Yakel, Julie Thurman, Elisa Yakel, Quinten and Caiden visited them in the home of Marilyn Yakel.
On Saturday, those visiting and enjoying a pre-Christmas dinner in the home of Joe and Wanda Miller in Charleston were: Larry and Jan Miller, and Fayetta Wilson, Huntersville, N.C.; Terry and Kathy Miller, Charleston; and Louella Christensen and Marilyn Yakel.
In the afternoon, a special time was had with Joe Miller at the Odd Fellows Home in Mattoon.
Mark’s Café Hold Annual Christmas Customer
Appreciation Dinner
Mark Kimberlin, owner of Mark’s Café in Brownstown, and employees, Connie Harre, Betty Jackson, Rebecca Wehrle, Rayella Denton, LeAnne Forson, Carrie Brown, Jessica Wehrle, Johanna Forson, Joyce Kistler, Shannon Harre and Britney Kistler, held their annual Christmas customer appreciation all-you-can-eat dinner on Sunday.
Fried chicken and baked ham, with complimentary vegetables, salads, desserts and drinks, were served. Although it was a blustery day, with blowing snow and frigid temperatures, a huge crowd enjoyed the dinner.
Also present was Santa Claus, who handed out goodie bags to all of the children present.
Sefton Unit HCE Celebrate with Christmas Dinner
The Sefton Unit HCE gathered at the Ponderosa in Vandalia on Thursday, Dec. 9, for their Christmas dinner and gift exchange.
As they arrived, they were pleasantly surprised to find a delicious delicacy at each place, made by Davis Redman especially for them. Elizabeth Kasten asked the blessing. Davis is the grandson of Carolyn Grames, a Sefton HCE member.
Shirley Mattes and Sally Behrends each shared a seasonal poem/reading with the group. Sally also brought a mechanical toy monkey that entertained both the club members and the Ponderosa employees. Flo Allen brought two games, one easy and one too difficult, according to Shirley Klitzing.
Door prizes were won by several. Eighteen members and two guests were present for the dinner.
Guests were Connie Bingaman and Ginny Wilbur. Members present were Flo Allen, Shirley Klitzing, Shirley Mattes, Sally Behrends, Joyce Fisher, Rosemond Hobler, Carolyn Grames, Elizabeth Kasten, Bonnie Kramer, Hilda Phillips, NormaLee Terry, Marge Weiss, Nancy Shipman, Delores Dukeman, Betty Williams, Rita Miller, Carole Oldham and Connie Largent.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Dave Morrison and led through the Sunday morning worship service by the choir.
Vernon Berger led the Communion meditation and prayer. Also serving were: Keri Harding-welcome center; Jack Durbin-prayer; at the table-Vernon Brazle, Delmar Miller; serving the congregation-Craig Daughtery, Charlie Moore, Brad Smith, Dick Childress, Brian Smith; assistant-Duane Carson, Tom Mayes; ushers-Jake Schaub, Brian Smith; sound-Dan Largent; power point-Dana Dann; nursery-Jacy Schaub, Katie Carson; Communion preparation-Connie Largent; and Communion rounds-Paul Parkison, Aaron Miller.
•Christmas Eve at Liberty-6 p.m. Christmas Eve service in your family traditions.
•Saturday nights in the gym for anyone who wants to hang out, basketball, Foosball, ping pong, X-box and pizza.
Painting Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic…
…Jan. 18-25. As you pray, remember those on the team – Vernon and Judy Brazle, Craig Daughtery, Josiah Brazle, and Jim Gorby.
Supplies needed: wire brushes, paint cups, roller covers plastic roller pans, duct tape, paint scrapers, hammer, 3- and 4-inch paint brushes, roller handles, empty bread sacks, 1- and 1½-inch putty knives, screw drivers, masking tape and money to purchase paint in the D.R.
Liberty Christian Church Leadership Information
Current leadership: Elders-John Willms, Vernon Brazle, Delmar Miller, Dave Morrison, Paul Parkison, Bill Robison; deacons-Kyle Anderson, Bob Buzzard, Dick Childress, Craig Daughtery, John Grames, Ken Lamb, Dan Largent, Aaron Miller, Charlie Moore, Josh Robison, Brad Smith, Frank Stringfield; and trustees: Duane Carson, Ralph Robison, John Willms. Nomination sheets with qualifications for each role are available in the foyer and are due back on Jan. 2.
Brownstown First
Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Brent and Janet Keyes and led in songs of praise by Susan Smith, Jack Shelton and Don Lovett.
Accompanists were: Robin Lovett-pianist; Chuck Enlow and Gretchen Schaible-guitars; Kaitlyn Enlow-flute; and Mitchell Smith-drums. John Robinson delivered the message. Jack Shelton led the Communion meditation.
Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Ashton Smith; a.m. nursery-Cathy Smith; toddler worship-Karen Willms and Bonnie Shelton; Quest-4-Christ-Michael Watson and Team; and Communion to shut-ins-Chuck Enlow, Charlie Watson.
•Card and Money baby shower for Andrew and Callie Shelton. Give cards to Sheryl Brazle before Jack and Bonnie leave on Dec. 18.
Brownstown United
Methodist Christian Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude, and Jeffrey Kelly and Bradley Schwarms lighted the altar candles as the United Methodist Church congregation gathered for the Sunday morning worship hour following the Sunday school classes. Jeffrey Kelly served as liturgist.
Jim Green greeted all present and reviewed the announcements, birthdays and anniversaries. He asked for prayer concerns and led in prayer.
Carol Severns led the lighting of the Advent candle service. Hubert Williams and Bradley Schwarms presented the tithes and offerings. Lay speaker Jim Green read the scriptures, delivered the sermon and gave the closing benediction.
Jenna Townsend led the children’s 9 a.m. Sunday school fellowship and worship held prior to their classes. Flo Allen led the adult class.
•Thursday 10 a.m. Bible study class led by Jim Green at the UMC.